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Do you know these sentences, which simply belong to every job description?
“Are the rolls fresh?” – »But really only cut the tips.« – »Is the space at the window still free?« or also »I would like to migrate 15,000 documents – what does it cost me?«
I have heard the last sentence very often in the past six years and definitely count it among my top three.

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Three valuable days

Some of the employees of fme may have wondered why my departments (HR & Finance) are increasingly asking them to take a look at their departments’ work for a day this year. Just like that?

The idea behind these inquiries is our working title “Three Valuable Days”. Within the scope of the target agreements, I have made the experience in the past that we have far too often sacrificed partial goals in terms of creativity, “decluttering” or even “thinking outside the box” to day-to-day business or other apparently more important tasks. read more

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Meet the Challenge – Introducing Cloud Computing in GxP environments


It is a challenging time for many traditional pharmaceutical companies. The competiveness of the market place, the looming loss of patents, ever-increasing international regulatory requirements and pressure to lower the overall cost for healthcare – they all increase the burden and force these companies to find new approaches in order to survive in the industry.

Pharmaceutical companies are today driven to adopt strategies for reducing resources and costs, circumstances that have been tangible in other manufacturing sectors for some time. The expectation from IT departments is that they should support the business challenges and deliver cost-effective solutions without compromising quality, compliance, agility or flexibility.

Cloud computing seems to fulfil the promises of solving these business challenges and life sciences firms increasingly look to it for the universal remedy. However, how well does cloud computing coexist with GxP compliance and regulated environments?
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Blog - Und wie definiert man eigentlich ein Minimal Viable Product (MVP)

“We need a minimum viable product.”
In the development of new products, innovations should be implemented as quickly as possible and placed on the market in order to have an advantage over the competition. So far – so well known.

In the digital environment, many companies are faced with the challenge of having many ideas for a new product at the beginning of the development process and of offering users as much as possible. The parties involved often have different opinions about the range of functions. Numerous tasks have to be organized around the development (creating structures, marketing, organizing distribution channels, etc.), the market is competitive and the demand is changing rapidly. How can it be ensured under these basic conditions that the product is attractive for the customer and becomes successful? read more

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Automated end-to-end testing of web applications


Welcome to a new age of automated testing!

In the process of digital transformation, not only are businesses affected by the challenges of digital optimization but the field of software development is also hit by digital disruptions at its core. In this article, I will focus on the digital transformation of software development in the field of software testing in particular.

Automation of tasks, which are time-consuming and error-prone when performed by humans become more and more replaced by the highly efficient technologies, which provide reproducible results: Automation tools used by digital companies enable these businesses more and more to focus on their actual business and create business value instead of dealing with time-consuming IT tasks.
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BoxWorks Conference 2018 in San Francisco

At the end of August I was able to attend the BoxWorks conference in San Francisco, subtitled “The Future of Work”. I have to admit, I went there with only a little pre-knowledge and with the history (baggage?) of being a long-time Documentum consultant.

Let me start with a quick summary of the highlights:

Box Feed (available as Beta)
Box feeds allow you to get a stream of activities happening in the shared folders which the user can access. This is a nice collaboration function as are you are seeing the content of your coworkers directly in the stream. This has been missing for a while and Box is now delivering a first iteration with the possibility for you to comment on the documents.

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Blog ECM in the Life Sciences Industry - Bringing the Cloud Discussion to Earth

It’s been very interesting to watch how the Cloud has had an impact on Enterprise Content Management in the Life Sciences market over the past year or two. I doubt that there are too many observers with knowledge of the market that believe that its impact has been anything other than positive. But as with most “no brainer“ disruptive technologies, it’s still finding that the path to adoption is not quite as simple and straight forward as it might at first appear.

Clearly, the opportunity for Life Sciences companies to outsource their IT infrastructure and some related services is a derivative benefit of utilizing Cloud. In addition, subscription pricing, synonymous with Cloud solutions, has the benefit of moving CapEx to OpEx and realizing the financial benefits of doing so, appeals to many companies.

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There is cake in the casino - English as a company language

English is the official company language of fme. While this is a great advantage for an international operating company, I also get sometimes the impression that students (which I usually meet at recruiting events) and other business contacts, such as potential freelancers, are wondering if their language skills are good enough and if they would meet the expectations of the company.
Therefore I would like to give you a little insight into our office culture and how English as a corporate language affects our daily work.

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Blog OpenText Documentum on AWS

The use of public cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) for the implementation of OpenText Documentum-based ECM environments is often viewed critically. There is quite a list of points in favour of its use. In fact, it depends on the scope of the environment to be built, what data is processed there and how deeply AWS is to be integrated into the own network. This blog post should help to find answers to these questions and to show a first basic environment on the AWS platform.

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You find the title daring? Convince yourself that these are not only sales and marketing numbers!


Your platform – OpenText D2 Documentum for Life Sciences

With Documentum for Life Sciences, OpenText has a solution in its portfolio that is used by many large and medium-sized customers. The pre-defined, best practice-based framework for document management applications offers in four modules (Quality & Manufacturing, Research & Development, Electronic Trial Master File and Submission Store & View) pre-configured options for an exact configuration. This gives you the opportunity to remain close to the standard and at the same time to display directly all your processes.

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