Jun 6, 2019 | by Jörg Friedrich | 0 Comments

automation is essential for your business

With so many applications/systems to keep an eye on, nowadays, it often takes IT staff too much time to perform repeated manual tasks. This is valuable time we then lack in communicating with stake holders, key users and operational departments or solving other problems.

It’s often easy to say: “I’ll just do this manually because it only takes me half an hour a week

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Jun 5, 2019 | by Rafik Mankarious | 0 Comments

OpenText Documentum Webtop 16.4 - Native Client Installation & Troubleshooting Guide

The old OpenText Documentum Webtop versions (older than 6.8.2) were using Content Transfer Applet, and clients have been complaining about the Content Transfer Applet for many years due to issues supporting Java versions on client machines as well as the inherent security problems with Applets. While the Webtop 6.8.2 version and higher removes the Applet, users are still required to install a browser extension as well as a native exe installation that utilizes Java.

This technical blog describes the installation steps and troubleshooting guide for Documentum Webtop Native Client plugin 16.4.

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