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Benefit from our specialized industry expertise. Thanks to our many years of experience and wealth of savvy, we know exactly what we’re doing.

Benefit from solutions specially developed for the Life Sciences industry that let you optimize your processes and use information more efficiently.

Use the right products and solutions to quickly, easily, and cost-effectively save your company time, costs, and effort.

Optimize your industrial manufacturing processes by efficiently managing and leveraging all relevant company information.

Life Sciences

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Life Science companies continuously are forced to optimize their business needs and look for new ways to increase their competitiveness. This can be done with document management, collaboration and business intelligence solutions and services tailored by the fme to the needs of the Life Science industry. In part, by helping to streamline processes, manage static and dynamic knowledge more intelligently, and in the end, to save the company time and money.

Clients – Life Sciences

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Life Sciences

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OpenText Documentum for Life Sciences

With Documentum OpenText provides a basic framework for document management applications for life science companies. The pre-configured, integrated solutions are based on best practices for this industry branch and are available as specific business modules for standardized business processes for the business areas of quality assurance, clinical and non-clinical research, and regulatory issues.

We ensure a seamless implementation of OpenText Documentum for Life Sciences Solutions – also on a global scale!

Service Level Agreements

Now, more than ever, IT departments are facing enormous challenges. In particular the life sciences industry, for example, with recent mergers & acquisitions and the complexity of systems and applications requiring a great deal of manpower; while still requiring top-rated expertise with minimal financial support.

To reduce this impact on IT departments, the fme group is offering a comprehensive package for the support of content-records management and shared collaboration environments based on negotiated Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Project Management in a Regulated Environment

In a regulated environment, strict compliance with provisions and industry-specific guidelines is indispensable. Companies must also act cost-efficiently and coordinate different locations, some of which are global. In addition, they must react flexibly to tasks that often involve multiple departments and locations – with increasing complexity. If this does not happen, they will not be able to withstand the rapid changes in the life sciences industry and thus endanger their market position.

Efficient project management is therefore indispensable, especially in the life sciences industry. But many companies lack time resources or employees with the necessary project management skills and qualifications. We plan, coordinate, manage, monitor, and document your projects in a regulated environment: from an overarching program to individual projects.

Content Migration- & Upgrade Services

Virtually every company possesses large volumes of data from various sources. Companies often organize this data using many different applications, technologies, and software solutions. When companies implement a system change or upgrade, they need to migrate their data and content to keep this information from getting lost and ensure that it can be used in a simpler, more effective way. However, without the right tools and processes, the costs of such a migration can easily exceed the actual hardware and software costs.

migration-center Validation Package

The migration-center Validation Package is a new and exclusive approach based on best practices that simplifies the verification process and therefore reduces the time the business is involved in migration projects. This additional package for migration-center projects consists of two basic components: A collection of needed document templates and consulting services to adapt the templates to the individual client validation needs.

Production Analysis / PQR

Over the past years, companies in the life sciences industry have invested a lot of time and money in production and quality management. As a result, complex system landscapes (including ERP, MES, CAPA, LIMS, and SCADA systems) emerged with a focus on business process mapping. Cross-system data analyses with real knowledge acquisition were not possible.

Business Intelligence analysis tools allow fast and easy access to various data sources and enables cross-system data analysis. Simple and independent analyses reveal methodical errors and are ideal for supporting ‘operational excellence’, ‘lean manufacturing’ and ‘PAT’ programs. Revalidation is not necessary since access to the qualified data is read-only.

Business Intelligence for Sales and Marketing

The pharmaceutical industry is unanimous: Traditional sales approaches need to be replaced by modern, »targeted sales« techniques. Modern CRM solutions and central databases do in fact provide a variety of information, however,  exible analyses and faster reaction times to market situations are not possible in this way.

fme provides a new approach to recognizing optimization potential in order to support and control sales processes more specially. Know-how acquired from numerous projects in the area of pharmaceuticals has been combined with modern, exible BI products to create an excellent solution.

Change Management & E-Learning

Particularly in times of rapidly advancing digitalization, it is crucial for companies to react flexibly and quickly to external changes. Successful cultural change depends to a large extent on the company’s employees. Because of the decisive factor for success or failure is the willingness of the team to change. Changes often generate uncertainty, skepticism, and resistance.

This applies with the help of to counteract communicative measures at an early stage.
Whether the introduction of a new IT solution, process adaptations or cultural change – our Communication Services team is at your side to support you in matters of change management.

Industrial Manufacturing

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Manufacturing companies are constantly faced with major challenges in coping with high costs and pressure to innovate. For this purpose, it is necessary to optimally execute procedures as well as to use and control the necessary and emerging business information efficiently. In this context, we support the design of efficient processes and responsive solutions. By optimizing the use of information, the added value of our customers is increased, and the improved process efficiency is harmonized with ideal IT support.

Clients – Industrial Manufacturing

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Digital Transformation in Sales and Marketing

We help you improve both your sales figures and customer satisfaction by making your digital sales process more efficient. This is achieved through seamless provisioning, an emotional presentation, as well as marketing and sales information tailored to your needs.

Product Lifecycle Management


Product Life Cycle Management (PLM) deals with the complete life cycle of complex products – whereby the task of Product Data Management (PDM) systems is to manage the information throughout this product development process. To fully understand the capabilities of different systems and to decide which functions are most appropriate for one’s own enterprise and products is not always easy. fme’s PLM specialists dispose of many years of experience in successful implementations and adaptations of PDM systems.

It is not unusual to exchange project and management information between companies using a variety of technology platforms. fme therefore provides assistance for the interaction and integration of different system environments in order to close gaps in the information flow and to develop additional benefit potential. The solutions we propose are designed to efficiently control and structure information during the product development process, while also allowing for sufficient flexibility to cater for specific needs, always with the aim of making context related information available wherever required and in accordance with the user’s needs. If you are interested, give us a call!

Further Industries

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Detached from any industry specification we have gained years of experience with various customers in administrative and organizational departments like finance, marketing and human ressources. The match of market requirements and our platform know-how guided us when developing products and solutions which have proven to be very beneficial for our customers. They help save costs and valuable time.

Clients – Further Industries

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Cross-sectoral Solutions
Digital Transformation

Digitization enables new ways of dealing with existing businesses and creates totally new business models and markets with velocity. We are the partner for your digital transformation.


We help you to optimally deploy the technologies you are currently using within existing business models. The aim here is to put your business on solid foundations and push its digitization. Only after completing step one, we move on to step two. Here we examine your existing business models, in order to raise your digital transformation to the next level, while working with you to develop future-proof business and technology strategies.

Enterprise Content Management

Revolutionize the way in which you access, manage, and transfer your company content in order to save on time, costs, and effort. WWe provide platform-independent support to ensure a successful design process, flawless rollout, and efficient usage. Of course, we take all relevant factors such as company strategy, corporate culture, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability into account along the way.

Migration- & Upgrade Services

Virtually every company possesses large volumes of data from various sources. Companies often organize this data using many different applications, technologies, and software solutions. When companies implement a system change or upgrade, they need to migrate their data and content to keep this information from getting lost and ensure that it can be used in a simpler, more effective way. However, without the right tools and processes, the costs of such a migration can easily exceed the actual hardware and software costs.

Business Intelligence

Gain valuable insights into your company data in order to make well-founded operational and strategic decisions. Our fme BI framework provides you with valuable 360° views of your corporate data. Our clients rely on our experienced Business Intelligence (BI) consultants for their business needs, from data integration, planning, and analysis and reporting solutions to the implementation of visualization standards.

Social Business Collaboration

Collaborate on projects with various people, teams, and groups online to optimize your communication potential. Collaboration systems facilitate the internal and external exchange of knowledge in companies. There are brand new ways to work together, exchange information, and organize projects.

Cloud, Big Data & Internet of Things (IoT)

New business models which are geared toward digital customers are driven by vast amounts of information. These models have to be highly scalable and capable of being readily adapted within an agile process. Cloud-based software platforms are the best option available to meet this need. Switch to cloud-based environments to better manage and fully take advantage of massive volumes of data from big data technologies.

Custom Software

Some scenarios are just not accommodated by any existing standard software, or the effort of meeting the requirements is simply too great. And when it comes to performance, design, and usability, the capabilities do not always satisfy the users’ needs. Let us develop the software solutions you need to complete your standard software offering in the best possible way.

Communication Services

It is becoming critically important for companies to be flexible and react to external changes quickly, especially in times of rapidly spreading digitization.

A successful culture change significantly depends on your employees. Whether you succeed or fail ultimately comes down to your team’s readiness to take on change. Our fme Communication Services team provides the link between technology and people. We are your point of contact when it comes to IT communications and consulting and human change management.

Application Management Services (AMS)

The costs of operating and maintaining ECM applications can easily take up a large proportion of a company’s total allotted IT budget. Assign us with support and maintenance of your ECM applications with our Application Management Services and benefit from our knowledge and professional team.

Cross-sectoral Products

The fme group assists their clients worldwide to create a measurable economic benefit by using information and knowledge most effective and efficiently – not only through best practice solutions, but also through our fme products.