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Digitization, cultural change, new business models – we are the partner for your digital transformation.

Leverage your existing technologies to fully benefit your business model and discover further potential for optimization together with us.

Revolutionize the way in which you access, manage, and transfer your company content in order to save on time, costs, and effort.

Gain valuable insights into your company data in order to make well-founded operational and strategic decisions.

Collaborate on projects with various people, teams, and groups online to optimize your communication potential.

Switch to cloud-based environments to better manage and fully take advantage of massive volumes of data from big data technologies.

Let us develop the software solutions you need to complete your standard software offering in the best possible way.

Actively integrate your employees into change processes with our help to lay the foundation for your successful corporate culture change.

Assign us with support and maintenance of your ECM applications with a Service Level Agreement and benefit from our services.

Digital Transformation

Your Benefits

  • Our consultants have many years of experience in the manufacturing industry
  • IT-  and prozess expertise for your Digital Transformation
  • Holistic approach and procedures
  • Service combination of consulting, IT implementation and agency
  • Financially stable and flexible partner

Digitization enables new ways of dealing with existing businesses and creates totally new business models and markets with velocity. Existing businesses and business models are increasingly theatened by new competitors. Businesses need to transform digitally consequently to be successful in the future. A pragmatic „Digital Strategy“ is needed. Information technology (IT) is playing a leading role here, in safeguarding existing business with the help of a „Digital Update“ and in proving new business models for the future, by venturing the „Digital New“. Have you already laid the foundations for the digital change? Are you „Digital Ready?“

The IT needs to answer important questions: What do we run on our own, what do we consume from the Cloud? Are we innovation leaders in our company and what contribution do we deliver for the overall productivity? „Digital Infrastructure“ helps the IT to become the pacemaker of the Digitalen Transformation.

We help you to understand the challenges of the digitization and jointly develop strategies for a succesful future. Our technology experts support you with the implementation and make sure that strategies do lead to results. Our consultants accompany your cultural change and will show you how to embed new ways and ideas in your company – only when you act in one concert the  „Digital Change“ will be sustainable and successful.


Client Quote

»fme was a great help to us in developing and carrying out an innovation workshop that allowed us to bring greater structure to our ideas and the available options regarding a new business model. During the workshop, we brainstormed and worked to further hone our vision, leaving us in the end with a clearly defined roadmap. fme did an excellent job in flexibly responding to our needs over the course of the workshop. Never once did we lose track of the ultimate goal at hand. The workshop followed a detailed plan, with great and useful flipcharts and Metaplanpin boards to round it off.«
(Christian Decker, CEO KLOECKNER DESMA Schuhmaschinen GmbH)

We help you to optimally deploy the technologies you are currently using within existing business models. The aim here is to put your business on solid foundations and push its digitization.

Only after completing step one, we move on to step two. Here we examine your existing business models, in order to raise your digital transformation to the next level, while working with you to develop future-proof business and technology strategies.

In both phases we help you to ensure the success of the derived measures by combining latest consulting techniques with project and program management. Our expertise in life sciences and industrial manufacturing means that we speak your language and grasp the challenges you face.

Enterprise Content Management

The course of a project

For each of the following project phases we have specialists in our team who will stand by your side and guide you successfully with their know-how.

Innovative Ideas

We present our ideas how to improve your competitive power

Consulting & Project Management

We help you to identify projects that could be optimized by IT: Return on Investment considerations, process mapping and –analysis, process optimization through information technology. We govern your IT projects: Program- & Project Management


We create the conditions for a smooth and a high quality implementation of IT systems: requirements specification, functional specification, interface design, ergonomics

Implementation & Testing

We implement your IT projects based on high quality and include our nearshore development center in Romania for cost efficiency

Rollout & Change Management

We ensure the successful rollout of your IT projects


We run your IT solutions cost efficiently and reliably, if you like with our nearshore development center in Romania

… share the same values!
Enterprise Content Management (ECM) contains all of the technologies you need to capture, manage, save, maintain, and deploy your content and data. It also expressly includes popular technologies such as input management, document management, collaboration, Web content management, workflow, business process management, output management, storage, and electronic archiving. At the same time, ECM goes above and beyond these technologies.

We provide platform-independent support to ensure a successful design process, flawless rollout, and efficient usage. Of course, we take all relevant factors such as company strategy, corporate culture, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability into account along the way. We take special care to find the platform best suited to your specific requirements, whether it means using the market leader’s product or an open source solution. Together, we’ll find the perfect match!

Your Benefits

  • Faster process throughput
  • Lower transaction costs
  • Improved process output quality
  • Adherence to compliance requirements
Dell EMC Documentum

The Dell EMC Enterprise Content Division provides one of the most comprehensive and highly-integrated Enterprise Content Management platforms. Dell EMCs powerful suite covers the entire information life-cycle, starting when the information is captured or created all the way through its archival and eventually disposal. During the life of a document the ECM technologies empower user to collaborate, manage access, distribute and control information securely in various ways.

Especially when facing huge amounts of data, extended security requirements and the need to integrate existing systems/processes, customers will benefit from the highly advanced capabilities of the Dell EMC Documentum Suite. fme AG has been an EMC partner since 1998 and gained tremendous experience in hundreds of projects. We look forward to your challenge!

Plan: Consulting for Dell EMC Documentum

A Solid Conceptual Design Ensures the Success of Your Project
Our consultants will work with you to analyze all important aspects of your Enterprise Content Management project. We identify and document your requirements in a concept and finally translate your requirements into corresponding technical specifications. Furthermore, we help to create schedules and budget plans for system roll-out and operation, end user training and back-up procedures for your valuable information.

Our Consulting Packages

ECM Roadmap
In an economy increasingly based on knowledge, Enterprise Content Management often provides ample opportunities for competitive differentiation, elevating it to the strategic level of every enterprise. The nature of an enterprise’s ECM approach is of course continuously effected over time by new acquisitions, market re-alignments, technology and product advances.

In order to stay ahead of the pack and in order to continue to benefit from your investment, your ECM strategy needs to be critically reviewed from time to time, pinpointing to where it may need adaptation or expansion. This is where our experienced consulting staff can be of valuable assistance to help you gaining that extra competitive edge in your business.

Documentum Client Strategy Evaluation
Many Documentum customers face the challenge of selecting a suitable web-based, next-generation Documentum application to replace their old Webtop client. Dell EMC’s own clients, D2 and xCP, offer numerous advantages, but there are also various alternative clients available. But how can you replace a Webtop client – which may have been highly customized – with the latest technology? Adopting new technologies can be difficult. Moreover, the fact that the currently available standard clients cannot be customized may pose a particular challenge. The Webtop client offers unlimited adaptability, but the new clients take a strongly configurative approach. Although this approach can significantly reduce implementation costs, it also entails limited adaptability, making it potentially unsuitable for certain types of applications.

Our projects have led us to determine that companies view evaluating client technologies as a big challenge. After all, this evaluation involves taking the requirements of both the IT team and users in other departments equally into account – and these requirements often diverge from one another. Our Documentum Client Strategy Evaluation consulting service helps you select the right client technology for your company! Get in touch with us! We look forward to taking on your challenge.

Build: Development for Dell EMC Documentum

Tailor-made Software Development

As soon as the conceptual design for an ECM solution is completed, our experienced team is available to carry out the implementation, no matter if the design was created by us, by your in-house team or by another service provider: fme realizes your wishes. Our implementation may cover the adaptation of your existing systems or a complete new development. Moreover, we ensure that existing systems are successfully integrated and that documents are migrated to the new system on the appropriate date.

fme Custom Solution Framework
Our Custom Solution Framework (CSF) helps clients to efficiently implement custom Documentum based solutions for requirements which cannot be resolved through standard out of the box clients. We are designing a state of the art technology stack, concepts and predefined basic components which can be reused in projects to reduce the effort and costs. In addition to the technology we have a strong focus on usability, performance and maximum flexibility to achieve a high user satisfaction. Each implementation will be individual based on customer requirements but with the help of our framework. With our solution framework we protect your investments into the EMC platform.

Are you interested in an online demo of our sample implementation? Then we’d be happy to set up a meeting and present you with detailed information on our Custom Solution Framework.

Run: Operation and Maintenance for Dell EMC Documentum

Satisfied Users and Lower Operating Costs for Your Application
Once your solution has been successfully designed, developed and tested, the next item on the agenda is the installation and rollout to the end user. We implement the results from the conceptual phase and support you with the rollout of the software. Among others, you take advantage of our expertise in the area “Human Change Management”. For your system to remain a success in the long term, we also provide maintenance and operation support – thereby you benefit from our nearshore center in Romania.

Documentum Health-Check

Your staff may struggle with excessive system response times, costing valuable work hours and placing a strain on your budget. Do you suspect your web application could be used more effectively? Do you deal with data replication in distributed environments? Would you like to know how many simultaneous Dell EMC Documentum users you could serve at sufficient performance levels? Maybe you are planning a substantial increase in the number of users for your Dell EMC Documentum application and need to ensure your system can be scaled up accordingly? We have the solution for you!

We provide expertise and assistance on how to make your system perform better. As a result you receive documented, professional recommendations for optimizing the performance of your application(s), an analysis of the system’s weak points and an in depth analysis of your DCTM architecture. The timely elimination of system bottlenecks and the resulting efficiency improvements of your business critical applications may provide you with competitive advantages in todays fast moving markets.

Dell EMC Products

Dell EMC InfoArchive
Organizations everywhere struggle with how to manage the massive amounts of business information collected, the impact this has on costs and performance, while also maintaining compliance with ever increasing regulations. With Dell EMC InfoArchive we are offering a unified enterprise–wide archive that archives data in any format. With fme and Dell EMC InfoArchive you can:

  • Satisfy compliance requirements such as retention, data encryption, electronic signature and time stamping
  • Provide unified access to the archived information so authorized users (auditors, partners, employees, customers) can quickly find the information they need
  • Enable users to search in seconds for data across millions of documents and data records, in multiple applications concurrently
  • Decrease costs by consolidating structured and unstructured data, and eliminating the need for maintaining legacy applications
  • Separate active from inactive content with fme migration-center and archive it cost-efficiently to the according ECM or archive system

We will happily show you how you can reduce your system complexity, lower costs for software licenses and storage and at the same time be compliant with rules and regulations Contact us now!


Documentum D2
Especially when using a powerful platform like Dell EMC Documentum a fast and user-friendly access to all important information is essential to your organizations success. Dell EMC has developed its new web-based client with strong focus on an effective, user friendly interface, providing a modern and intuitive user experience. The widget and workspace concept accommodates individual working styles of different users – optimized for the current task. At the same time, the use of state of the art Web 2.0 technologies (XML, JSON, ExtJS, Ajax) brings a significant advance in terms of comfort and performance to the new client.

Do you want to achieve an amazing user acceptance with the new innovative client while reducing implementation and administration cost simultaneously? Using Webtop or WDK applications, already? We will support you in evaluating which benefits a switch to D2 can bring for your specific solution. Take advantage of our free assessment!


xcp 2.x (documentum xcelerated composition platform)
With xCP 2.x EMC provides a composition platform that both, end user and IT department, will benefit from. EMCs xCP 2.x solution assists and accelerates all process driven tasks, from loan applications to contracts management to benefits approvals. Business processes are automatized and in manual processes workers are provided with everything they need for the right decision, e.g. charts, related key information and collaboration features.

fme AG took part in the early Access Programm for xCP 2.x and was therefore involved right from the start in this new platform. Our employees have gained thorough knowledge of the product and are ready to support you with your xCP 2.x project.


Dell EMC Documentum for Life Sciences
Dell EMC has developed a basic framework for document management applications for life science companies. The pre-configured, integrated solutions are based on best practices for this industry branch and are available as specific business modules for standardized business processes for the business areas of quality assurance, clinical and non-clinical research, and regulatory issues.

Our Solutions based on Dell EMC Documentum

SharePoint / Documentum Integration

When both Dell EMC Documentum and Microsoft SharePoint are running in your organization, the integration of these two content management platforms becomes a desirable goal.

There are ways of making the most of what you have already installed, while preparing for the future at the same time. We assist you in developing the very best integration strategy on the basis of different possible scenarios. Together we will identify the most benefi cial integration potential and show the recently gained business value. Get in touch with us!

Technical Documentation for Plants and Equipment

Due to increasing demands of quality and safety standards it is essential for anyone who is planning, constructing, operating or shutting down an industrial plant to maintain reliable and easily comprehensible plant documentation. Be it a plant for process (chemical or pharmaceutical) engineering, a power plant or a plant for industrial manufacturing – missing or incomplete documentation may incur legal consequences under both criminal and warranty law.

A plant asset documentation solution reduces liability due to company negligence; it creates transparency, optimizes workflows and may save considerable time and money. The fme group assists utility companies to make optimal use of their document-based knowledge and to better integrate such information into their technical and business processes. This not only assures adherence to compliance regulations, but typically leads to measurable economic benefits. Make an appointment with our specialists!


The smartBar is an easy to use and intuitive client for Enterprise Content Management (ECM), designed for an optimum of user friendliness and working efficiency.

Any kind of information object, including email, can be quickly stored or searched with just a few mouse clicks. The smartBar provides powerful assistance for the most time consuming and repetitive user activities. Based on a »smart client« design concept – fast local functions combined with powerful web services – this advanced ECM client technology breathes new effi ciency into working with your repository. Lightning quick navigation, power assisted check-in and keyword assignment, dynamic search capabilities, document synchronisation for working offl ine and portability across different ECM platforms make this the number one choice for working with your document repository.

fme Custom Solution Framework

Our Custom Solution Framework (CSF) helps clients to efficiently implement custom Documentum based solutions for requirements which cannot be resolved through standard out of the box clients. We are designing a state of the art technology stack, concepts and predefined basic components which can be reused in projects to reduce the effort and costs.

In addition to the technology we have a strong focus on usability, performance and maximum flexibility to achieve a high user satisfaction. Each implementation will be individual based on customer requirements but with the help of our framework. With our solution framework we protect your investments into the EMC platform.


fme D2 Contract Management Framework

fme’s D2 based Contract Management Framework helps clients to efficiently manage their contracts and ensures that they are accurately recorded and audited to meet compliance guidelines.

The Contract Management Framework is based on OpenText Documentum D2 – a document management system as backbone. This presents the advantage of providing a »single point of truth«, where the version and lifecycle status of each contract are displayed clearly. Besides, a powerful workflow management engine supports the business processes during the lifecycle of each contract.

Microsoft SharePoint

SharePoint can be used for many different purposes. The areas of application are broad and diverse – from accessing current project results for distributed teams to accessing applicable working instructions in day-to-day business, right through to providing employees with quick information on any specific issues in the workflow.

fme is familiar with the in’s and out’s of all SharePoint features and specializes in the areas of collaboration, portals, and enterprise content management.

SharePoint Consulting

A clear strategy and a roadmap derived from that strategy are essential in order to successfully introduce and use SharePoint – as well as any other IT system – as a portal and collaboration platform to achieve optimal support of workflows and use the relevant potential. We work together with you to develop strategies that we use to pave the way for successful implementation.


SharePoint Enterprise Content Management Strategy

We have over 15 years of experience in enterprise content management (ECM) and can provide you with comprehensive advice when it comes to compiling, processing, providing, and archiving business-critical information – frequently as documents. In connection with SharePoint, it is possible to pursue a SharePoint-based ECM strategy or integrate existing ECM or archive systems.

fme products and solutions as well as those from third parties extend the standard version of SharePoint to include high-quality EMC functions such as document and file management, Office and e-mail integration, electronic workflows, and secure document archiving. Solutions built on this basis help quickly resolve professional challenges with a high level of quality.

Your comprehensive ECM strategy is rounded off by integration into other systems and company divisions, a flexible data and document migration approach, and the secure mobile provision of information.


SharePoint Collaboration Strategy

A clear definition of collaboration services is difficult, as collaboration is an integral part of everyday work. That’s why it is even more important to develop a clear collaboration strategy that clearly structures the corresponding subject areas and services and makes it possible to manage the broad range of functional areas.

Developing this strategy is primarily based on the following steps:

  • Vision: Questions such as “What does collaboration mean for my company?” and “What do I want to achieve with collaboration?” need to be answered and are essential for successful implementation
  • Services: Confine the subject areas and processes that are to be actively supported through collaboration services
  • Definition of objectives: According to the collaborative vision, tasks and objectives to be fulfilled are defined for every service in order to orient all assigned areas

We provide you with support in developing your strategy and ensuring that the resources available are used effectively and are in line with the strategy for achieving your objectives.


SharePoint Social Collaboration Strategy

Social media is a fact of life for many employees – and not just younger generations. As such, it makes sense to adapt company processes to the natural communication behavior of employees in order to simplify communication and the exchange of information.

It is possible to use Microsoft SharePoint to integrate social media into your company process without incurring high costs.

  • User acceptance: Social collaboration with SharePoint is easy to understand, reflects natural communication behavior, and enables improved user experience for employees
  • Discover: The news feed allows employees to keep up to date on activities within the company and the work of colleagues
  • Share: It is possible to conveniently share content from all Office applications with people inside and outside the company on both PCs and mobile end devices
  • Organize and collaborate: It is possible to organize and manage projects, tasks, and documents centrally with several users.
Take advantage of our expertise in social collaboration with SharePoint gained from many successfully implemented projects. We would be happy to advise you!


SharePoint Design, Usability, and Software Ergonomics

A high level of user acceptance is a key factor in successfully introducing and using SharePoint. However, it is only possible to achieve a high level of user acceptance by keeping track of aspects such as ergonomics and design during development.
SharePoint offers many functions and options that can only be taken advantage of when they are easy to view and understand and the user interface is visually appealing to users.

We have further developed our SharePoint products and services in a targeted manner over many years and in a large number of customer projects. Today, thousands of SharePoint users benefit daily from our approach: SharePoint with ergonomics and design. Find out more about our products and services and benefit from a high level of user satisfaction along with all of the features and options that SharePoint enables.

SharePoint Integration

When your company starts using different systems in parallel, you will want to link the systems with one another sooner or later. We have developed integration and migration solutions to conveniently link data with Microsoft SharePoint.

  • SAP / SharePoint Integration
  • Documentum / SharePoint Integration
  • PLM / SharePoint Integration
  • Migration from/to SharePoint
  • QlikView / SharePoint Integration

Get in touch with us – we look forward to your challenge!

SharePoint Solutions

In terms of SharePoint, we have developed solutions for various different scenarios and business cases and implemented them in many customer projects. We can tailor these solutions to the needs of your company on request.

SharePoint Intranet and Portals

Individually designed portal websites provide the connection between your employees and relevant information, specialist expertise, and different applications. Microsoft SharePoint makes it easier to create and maintain portal websites for all aspects of the company and offers employees innovative methods to share their work, as well as work together with others, organize projects and teams, and find people and information.


  • Faster and reliable information
  • Work more economically thanks to user friendliness
  • Efficiency by customizing information
Take advantage of our experience gained from many intranet projects for renowned customers that integrated many different applications and mapped various company processes using their SharePoint portal. We’ll show you how it’s done.

Alfresco is the leading Open Source platform for Enterprise Content Management, offering a fully-fledged and very user-friendly alternative to the established proprietary platforms.

Alfresco’s strengths, apart from low license costs, are its modern system architecture, its straight-easy employment and its use of well-known and widely used Open Source components. Alfresco extends conventional ECM functionality by a number of highly interesting approaches, functions and interfaces derived from the Open Source community. Different versions are respectively geared towards the small- or medium-sized company (small business) and the international corporation (enterprise). Organize and optimize the business processes of your organization with Alfresco. Alfresco may easily be integrated with your corporate portals. The fme products migration-center and docspread are also easily ported to the Alfresco environment.

If you are you considering an Open Source ECM, talk to us!

fme File Exchange Platform

The fme File Exchange Platform is a complete solution to exchange files with internal users or external collaborators. It features an interface that is clean and easy to use. Users can create file collections, upload documents and invite other to access or update these file collections. Email notifications ensure that everyone stays current with updates to the files.


  • External users can register themselves, registrations are approved and email adresses are validated
  • Uploads are organized in file collections (and sub folders)
  • Files can be uploaded using HTML5 drag and drop as well as file selection
  • Users can be invited as consumers (read only) or collaborators (read/write)
  • E-Mail notifications for invites, new uploads and content changes
  • File collections can be set to expire and be cleaned up automatically
  • Activity log for owners and administrators to monitor access and changes within file log
  • Administrator can monitor a users’ activity
  • Supported Browsers Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE8 and up
fme smartViews

The fme SmartViews Module is a solution to create web views of the documents that are stored in Alfresco. It provides the user with a grid based webpage designer that allows creating web pages from components such as html content, images, list of files, videos and more. The content is stored in the Alfresco repository and, besides a presentation as website, can also be browsed using a facetted search engine. This allows a filtering of the content by meta data and refining the search successively.


  • Many components to create web pages: HTML, image, video, attachment-lists, comments, iframe, blog
  • Navigation based on folder structure in Alfresco
  • Customizable HTML templates to render attachment lists
  • Drag and drop enabled page editor
  • Attachment lists can be sourced from single files, folders or search queries
  • Two views for web pages: as a Share site page and as whole web page without the Share UI
  • Content used in web sites is tracked, so that the search can display on which web pages content is displayed.
  • Integrated in Alfresco Share and using the SSO authentication by Share
  • Grid based web page layout
  • based on modern web frameworks like JQuery and Twitter Bootstrap
fme Site Discussion Dashlet

The Site Discussions Dashlets allows social style discussions like Facebook or Yammer within a Share Collaboration Site including embedded previews of external & internal links and documents.

“We were looking for ways to bring more interaction to our Alfresco Intranet. The discussion dashlet does exactly that. Topics that are important to our staff can now be shared and discussed directly on the intranet homepage (or any other site dashboard). The dashlet is intuitive, looking good and can be configured to fit our needs. Thank you FME!” (Gert Hooijer, Movisie)


  • Displays discussion threads like Facebook or yammer to support microblogging conservations
  • Embedded preview of links to external third party sites like flickr, Youtube or Slideshare
  • Document picker and embedded preview of links to documents within Alfresco Share
  • Directly referencing user with “+”-shortcut – Add or create tags with “#”-shortcut
  • Autocomplete support for “+” & “#” shortcuts
  • Dashlet automatically refreshes itself
  • Support likes for posts and discussions
  • Number of displayed posts is configurable
  • Optionally a title for each post can be enabled
fme Javascript Console

The JavaScript console is a Share administration console component to execute custom Javascript code against the Alfresco repository. It can be used for prototyping Alfresco Webscripts or to run administrative scripts. Within Alfresco’s Add-on Gallery it has achieved the status of the Highest Rated Add-on.


  • Saving & loading JavaScript via UI in the Data Dictionary of the Alfresco Repository
  • Selection of the JavaScript execution context
  • Executing JavaScript code against the Alfresco repository with full access to the Alfresco JavaScript API
  • Executing JavaScript code against the Alfresco repository with full access to the Alfresco Java Foundation API leveraging Alfresco’s embedded Rhino engine
  • Integrated custom JavaScript functions like print() to facilitate & speed up coding
  • Basic code completion via CTRL + SPACE based on Alfresco’s JavaScript API and Data Dictionary
  • Automatically generation of a Datatable with CSV export if an array is returned
Further fme Extensions for Alfresco

fme’s Alfresco team is a well-known contributor to the Alfresco Community and project-owner of three of the top5 Alfresco modules in Alfresco’s addons portal. Our extension modules are mostly available as Open Source, so each of our clients benefits if anyone sponsors the development of new features or upgrades to new Alfresco versions and our Alfresco team members are high skilled developers and have gained deep knowledge about best practices that we’ve established in our projects and award winning modules.

  • Content Transfer Dashlet
  • Alfresco Share Datalist Extension
  • Edit Metadata On Upload
  • Administrator Notifications

Most companies nowadays no longer question the fact that an SAP system is essential for the support their vital business processes. However, the subject of enterprise content management (ECM) – the management of information and documents within business workflows – is still a relatively low priority for many companies. The readiness to invest in the SAP sector often wins out over investments in a dedicated ECM system, which means valuable company information may be ‘snoozing’ in a file system or in paper records. There is another, more obvious question: Would it not make sense to combine SAP and ECM? The answer is clear to both renowned analysts as well as our own customers: YES!

Working on the basis of more than 15 years’ experience with ECM, we can show you how you can constructively link the business processes mapped in your SAP system with the corresponding documents, manage them efficiently, and archive content for legal compliance.

SAP Archiving

Many companies use SAP systems as the central application for supporting business processes, therefore making it necessary to archive data and documents generated in SAP systems. Sustainability, scalability, upgradeability, and cost requirements are of key importance and should be implemented with an archiving solution.

The KGS ContentServer4Storage solution from our partner KGS is a unique archiving solution specifically developed to satisfy the requirements of SAP archiving and cope with the highest performance requirements. It integrates itself seamlessly into the SAP Standard system via the SAP ArchiveLink interface and eliminates costly rollouts of client components.

Quickfacts & Benefits

  • Archive documents, data and print lists from SAP
  • Does not require an additional database
  • No redundant data storage needed, existing storage systems can continue to be used and optimally utilized
  • No proprietary client components, view documents via SAP standard functions, server components can run on every hardware and operating system platform
  • Supports qualified, digital signatures for secure and compliant archiving, supports all SAP releases
  • High-performance management of large document and data volumes, easily scalable
  • •Minimal administrative effort

Please contact us – we look forward to accepting your specific challenge!

SAP Archive Replacement

Switching over to a new archive system often poses a huge challenge for companies. Many accept ever-increasing license costs or obsolete products with limited performance in order to avoid time-consuming and costly migrations. A simple migration solution helps replace existing SAP archive systems in a quick, secure, and controlled manner.


  • Documents can be accessed throughout the migration thanks to special archival proxy functionality
  • Access is independent of an already completed migration and can take place in the old archive or the new archive
  • Management of document access and migrating independently and completely transparent to the user

Feel free to contact us. We look forward to your hearing from you!

Migration- & Upgrade-Services

Virtually every company possesses large volumes of data from various sources. Companies often organize this data using many different applications, technologies, and software solutions. When companies implement a system change or upgrade, they need to migrate their data and content to keep this information from getting lost and ensure that it can be used in a simpler, more effective way. However, without the right tools and processes, the costs of such a migration can easily exceed the actual hardware and software costs.

Thanks to our decades of experience in migration and upgrades, we can develop best-practice tools and methods to significantly reduce your project costs. For example, you can turn to our certified migration-center to handle highly automated migration for large volumes of data.

Learn more about our Services

Our Migration- & Upgrade-Services

  • Analysis & Planning
  • Project Management
  • Best Practices Consulting
  • migration-center Training
  • Implementation Services
  • Migration Validation
  • Quality Assurance
Migration- & Upgrade Scenarios

Application Migrations
Switch to a new ECM client, e.g. from Documentum Webtop to Documentum D2 or xCP, from legacy applications to Docu- mentum, SharePoint or Alfresco clients, etc.

Content & Data Migrations
Migrate content and data from source to target systems, e.g. from file systems, database, ECM system etc. to file system, ECM system, box etc.

Repository Consolidation
Consolidate several ECM repositories into a central one to maintain critical documents with safety, consistency and regulatory compliance and reduce maintenance costs.

ECM Version Upgrades
Upgrade to a new version of your existing ECM system with little or no downtime and optionally take the chance to clean up or restructure your repository.

Platform Replacement/Migration
After you have decided to implement an ECM system or to switch to a new ECM platform, the question is: How to get the existing content into the new system?

Content Migration for Life Science
The life science industry is challenged with legal and regulatory guidelines for their ECM systems. A migration project needs to be planned carefully and with a deep knowledge for the corresponding processes.

Infrastructure Optimizations
Do you want to switch the underlying database of your ECM system? Do you suspect your web application could be used more effectively? Or do your end users complain about poor performance of your ECM system?

Migration- & Upgrade-Assessment

Do you have a migration or upgrade project scheduled? Is your project success endangered? Then bring in our Migration & Upgrade Task Force. Our migration experts are available for support.

  • On-site assessment of your existing and planned environments, using tested procedural models and checklists at discounted rate
  • Based on this information, we will recommend the optimal procedure for upgrading or migrating your environment to the current version or to a new client.
  • As a result of the assessment, you will receive an individual price offering for your upgrade or migration project.
  • •Depending on the complexity and capacity for the modification of your clients, we will also recommend a single or multi-day analysis conducted by fme experts, in order to determine the proper strategy for upgrading the client customizations.


Business Intelligence

Your Benefits

  • Instant insights thanks to real-time analysis
  • Data and number-based decision-making
  • Identify hidden potentials

… get all the information you need from one another!
Our fme BI framework provides you with valuable 360° views of your corporate data. Our clients rely on our experienced Business Intelligence (BI) consultants for their business needs, from data integration, planning, and analysis and reporting solutions to the implementation of visualization standards. In doing so they specifically benefit from our mature industry knowledge in the life sciences and manufacturing industries.

Make better decisions based on all relevant company data and figures.

Social Business Collaboration

Your Benefits

… as Corporate Communication Manager

  • Faster than the office grapevine!
  • No more “information silos”
  • Increase the awareness

… as Human Resource Manager

  • One single tool for all necessary information
  • Shorten the training period for new employees
  • Find the right employees for your project

… work well with one another!
Collaborate on projects with various people, teams, and groups online to optimize your communication potential. Collaboration systems facilitate the internal and external exchange of knowledge in companies. There are brand new ways to work together, exchange information, and organize projects.

Some 70 percent of a company’s operating costs are employee costs. The next step in the move toward digitalization begins here. It improves collaboration between colleagues, partners, and customers.

Social business collaboration makes a significant contribution by freeing up hidden resources and opportunities for your company, thereby leading to excellent results.

Cloud, Big Data & Internet of Things (IoT)

Your Benefits

  • better manage massive volumes of data
  • optimal use of your data
  • high scalability

… create an ideal basis!
New business models which are geared toward digital customers are driven by vast amounts of information. These models have to be highly scalable and capable of being readily adapted within an agile process. Cloud-based software platforms are the best option available to meet this need. In combination with Big Data tools and/or IoT technologies, they often serve as key pillars in a digital transformation strategy. These platforms can be quickly deployed in a cloud-based environment, and are easily scalable in case of positive market reactions. We look forward to your challenge!

Build an essential pillar for digital transformation with cloud-based software platforms, Big Data tools and IoT technologies.

Internet of Things (IoT)

A company’s change from solely being a product manufacturer to also becoming a service provider is a potential application of digital transformation. In order to provide services aimed at both individuals and target groups, companies need to collect user-, application-, and product-driven data from the real world as a basis, then submit this data to further analytic processing.

Companies can now bridge the gap between the real world and the digital world using the mechanisms and principles of the Internet of Things (IoT) or the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT or Industry 4.0). Standardized device networking and individual opportunities for interaction are now available for a wide range of uses – they open up new possibilities and expand fields of business.

We help you develop an IoT solution tailored to your company, quickly achieve tangible results, and continue to use an infrastructure that remains manageable over the long term. Take advantage of our hands-on IoT consulting and development services – use them as a starting point to meet your business requirements for becoming a service provider. Get in touch!

Cloud Computing

The trend towards using the cloud can no longer be stopped. This is good news for companies, since cloud computing enables them to significantly reduce costs by more effectively utilizing resources, whether they use a cloud computing solution based on an in-house data center (private cloud), public servers operated by known providers such as AWS, Azure, and GCP, or a hybrid combination of private and public clouds. Cloud computing also allows companies to scale their IT resources in a flexible manner (elasticity), quickly and frequently adapt applications during operation, ensure much higher availabilities (and even deploy their systems with zero downtime), and take advantage of innovative services to optimally support existing business models and create new ones.

Custom Software

Your benefits

  • Lower operating costs
  • Compliance with individual requirements
  • Increased user acceptance

… completely engage with one another!
Configurable clients and predefined architectures generally provide a means for developing applications both rapidly and at low cost. However, there are many use cases where this approach does not work. Some scenarios are just not accommodated by any existing standard software, or the effort of meeting the requirements is simply too great. And when it comes to performance, design, and usability, the capabilities do not always satisfy the users’ needs.

What should you do if nothing on the rack will fit? This is where the customized solutions from fme enter the stage.

Our Offer for You
Customizing Software Solutions

The more complex your business processes, the bigger the potential benefits you can derive from investing in customized software:

  • Don’t change workflows to match new software, but rather obtain software adapted to the users’ needs
  • Quickly and flexibly accommodate new requirements
  • No licensing fees
  • Only pay for features you actually need

Reference Projects
We have been developing customized customer solutions for 25 years. Here is a shot abstract of current customer projects

  • Workflow-based document management system with time scheduling for vehicle projects (Java web application, RPLAN, EMC Documentum)
  • Mobile application to locate, filter and display documents (iPad app, EMC Documentum)
  • Document based asset and drawing management (Eclipse RCP, EMC Documentum)

The Journey from Use Case through to Live Application
The very first step is to perform a comprehensive analysis to ensure that the final solution meets all expectations. Joint workshops are held to identify the use cases, derive the corresponding specialist requirements, and document our findings in the specification. The results serve as the basis for formulating a solution concept, in close cooperation with the IT department and software architects, that describes the technical implementation.

The software is developed according to strict quality criteria, and the process is safeguarded using automated and manual tests. We produce transparent results and can react instantly to new or altered requirements, thanks to using the agile SCRUM development method. We are also happy to provide installation support in your system landscape and assist users in getting familiar with the new software. Our experts even support your project communication effort to ensure the overall success of the project.

Design & Usability
Design and usability are key factors that determine how well an application is accepted and how efficiently it can be used. If required, we include a local design agency in the process as early as the design stage. User acceptance tests carried out during the development stage ensure that the concept is effective.

Technology Overview

We employ the latest technologies and standards available for programming languages, frameworks, and architectures. We make design decisions in consultation with your software architects to ensure the solution turns out a perfect fit. The use of established open source code and commercial libraries speeds up the development process and allows us to craft business applications that meet your high expectations.

 Depending on your needs, we customize:
  • Web applications
  • Desktop applications (including Office plug-ins)
  • Mobile applications for iOS, Android, and Windows

We are fluent in:

  • Java (Spring, Spring MVC, Sencha GXT, J2EE, Servlets, Eclipse RCP, SWT, Swing)
  • HTML 5 (Twitter Bootstrap etc.)
  • Javascript (Node.JS, Googles AngularJs, Sencha extJs, YUI, jQuery)
  • XML
  • C++, C#, Objective C

We have a good handle on the development process using:

  • Atlassian JIRA (project tracking, test tracking)
  • Atlassian Bamboo/Jenkins (continuous integration)
  • GIT and Subversion (source code management)
  • Maven, Gradle, ANT (build process)

We are familiar with the target systems for your software:

  • Windows and Linux servers
  • Mobile end devices such as Android and iOS
  • Application servers (Apache Tomcat, Webpshere Application Server, JBOSS)

We answer your data storage needs based on the following databases:

  • Oracle
  • MsSQL
  • MySQL
  • PostgresSQL

We check your software for:

  • Technical accuracy based on automated tests (Junit 4/Mock Frameworks) and manual inspections
  • Performance and any profiler issues (JProfiler) and load tests (Apache JMeter)
Nearshore Software Development

In times of enormous cost pressure, modern software systems help to analyze and then minimize costs, but at the same time development of and support for new applications is a signifi cant block of costs which is always causing headaches for the decision makers. The major task is to reduce the two most important factors time and money so that the software project can be implemented fast and at low cost. The solution: Minimize your initial project costs, shorten project runtimes and lower your operating costs permanently – include experts of our nearshore team in Romania!

Is shortage of skilled labor also one of your concerns? Since July 2005 our 100% subsidiary company fme SRL, a nearshore center in Cluj/Romania, offers you their expert services. The highly qualifi ed and also German speaking team members do not only support us with our internal product development but also work together with us in our customer projects around the world. With our nearshore center we are offering you a budget-friendly way for your individual software development. Our experienced nearshore model ensures high quality even in complex projects.

Proprietary Developments

We have been developing customized customer solutions for 25 years. Learn more about our fully proprietary developments:

Communication Services

Your Benefits

  • Handle changes more efficiently
  • Provide transparency for communications within the company
  • Remove resistance to changes
  • Encourage employees to accept changes
  • Improve employee loyalty to the company
  • Shape satisfied and motivated employees

… move things together!
It is becoming critically important for companies to be flexible and react to external changes quickly, especially in times of rapidly spreading digitization. A successful culture change significantly depends on your employees. Whether you succeed or fail ultimately comes down to your team’s readiness to take on change.

Our fme Communication Services team provides the link between technology and people. We are your point of contact when it comes to IT communications and consulting and human change management. With our expertise, we are there to assist and support you with appropriate communication measures – from analysis and planning to its implementation.

By combining new technical possibilities with corporate culture change, you succeed in sustainably establishing new business models.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Your Benefits

  • Higher system availability
  • Decreasing costs for support and maintenance
  • Increasing user acceptance für your ECM system
  • Your team members will have more time for their main tasks

The costs of operating and maintaining ECM applications can easily take up a large proportion of a company’s total allotted IT budget. Moreover, these support tasks often take up company employees’ time and require external consultants – the company would be far better off if these resources could be allocated to developing long-needed IT innovations instead. Specialists with the required qualifications are few and far between, and therefore often unsustainably expensive to hire, particularly for smaller installation projects.

Let us take over support and maintenance of your ECM applications as part of a service level agreement. Benefit from quick, quality expert service and costs that are transparent and easy to plan at all times.

SLA for EMC Documentum Applications
The outsourcing of support and maintenance for your Documentum applications improves the quality of your services and allows you to maintain firm control over the costs for ongoing operations. Take advantage of our expertise combined with cost-effective nearshore services to reduce your operating costs to a sustainable level.

SLA for the Life Sciences Industry
IT departments of the life sciences industry are facing enormous challenges, for example, with recent mergers & acquisitions and the complexity of systems and applications. To reduce this impact, fme offers a comprehensive package to support content-records management and shared collaboration environments.