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25 years of digital love.

Careers at fme
It‘s fme you love to work with – We create a working environment that makes you feel comfortable and where you like to bring top performance.

Vasile Gavrila – Project Manager

»That’s one of the most important things for me: to wake up in the morning and to be happy because I will start another working day together with my colleagues. When I say colleagues, I mean all my colleagues from fme headquarter and subsidiaries I interact with every day.«

Dirk Bode – CEO

»Our mission is to share information and knowledge beyond all boundaries, while effectively managing it. We place great emphasis on creating a corporate culture where our employees feel comfortable, enjoy their work, and are motivated to produce innovative solutions and results. Decide for yourself which direction to go. Join us and open up your future prospects.«

Cornelius Näveke – Director Information Technology

»Here you get a chance to grow, to prove yourself, and be successful. At fme you get the chance to make mistakes (and I have made plenty already) and afterwards to learn from them and improve on things. There is always someone who will take the time to discuss and analyze your successes and failures with you. They’ll give you their honest opinion!«

Florian Piaszyk – Director fme Products

»For me, fme stands for shared success, international and geographically dispersed teams, and many interesting customers, partners, and projects. Having fun at work is the reward for being motivated and passionate here!«

Diane Röhl – Accounting

»I’m not just a number here. I’m treated like a person. And that’s important, since you spend a good portion of your life at work. All the younger coworkers keep me young.«

Laura Rehak – System Administrator

»fme gave me the opportunity to start training as an IT specialist in systems integration, although I had hardy any prior experience in this area. I always felt like they supported me, while at the same time challenging me. It motivated me to learn things in many areas.«

    Careers with heart's blood

    It doesn’t matter whether you’re a student or a professional. It doesn’t matter whether you have extensive or limited experience. We have the position to suit you at fme. 


    As the employer, we provide an enjoyable environment to work in. Team spirit is our priority. A willingness to help, a spirit of mutual trust, and an active exchange of knowledge and ideas aren’t just empty phrases, instead they motivate us to successfully work together and create profitable projects.

    We make it easy to start your career at fme. We have a mentor on hand to help you along your path. The fme Academy develops your expertise step-by-step.


    The trainees of today are our employees of tomorrow. fme therefore places great value on vocational training. Our trainees generally spend time in all of the departments relevant to their specific type of traineeship, but they also gain an insight into other departments in order to quickly grasp the company’s structure. We are convinced that our trainee’s quick integration in our current projects helps connect them to real-life experiences and build their knowledge.

    All of our trainee positions form part of a three-year dual-education training. Project work at our various sites, sometimes including those abroad, is also part of the traineeship.

    We offer traineeships for the following careers:

    • IT specialist in application development
    • IT specialist in systems integration

    We cannot offer all traineeships every year.

    Internship & Student Research Project

    Students have the opportunity to gain valuable experience in current IT careers.

    School-age students

    As school-age student you get a chance to discover what it’s like to work as an IT specialist. You are part of the traineeship team and will gain an insight into the tasks and activities of an IT specialist during your internship. As well as supervision from one of our trainee mentors, you will also have a dedicated contact partner guiding you throughout your internship.

    • The compulsory or voluntary internship lasts between three to six weeks
    • You’re interested in IT and working as an IT specialist
    • You have basic programming knowledge (ideally)


    During your internship (usually between two to six months) you can apply your theoretical knowledge to real-world situations, often directly in one of our customer projects. It is important to us that you receive the appropriate guidance during your internship. We therefore provide you with a mentor from the very start. This person will guide you throughout the entire internship answering questions and just helping out in general.

    You can also write your final thesis paper (bachelor’s/master’s thesis) while at our company, or directly following your internship. You can apply to us with your own topic or look at our current vacancies to see which topics we currently have on offer.

    Last but not least, you can gain excellent experience during your studies by working as a student assistant.

    It doesn’t matter which one of the three options you choose when starting your career with us: If you like working at fme and you perform well in your role, we will always strive to offer you employment once you have completed your studies.

    You ideally meet the following prerequisites:

    • Degree in (business) computer science technology, industrial engineering, business administration, or a similar degree program.
    • Basic knowledge in the most common programming languages (especially Java)
    • Flexibility, ability to work in a team, eagerness to learn, and a sense of initiative
    Specialist and Leadership Roles

    Are you about to embark on your career or have you already had several years of professional experience? Either way, you’ve come to the right place.

    We offer you the opportunity to work for us in a wide range of areas. Whether it’s in professional services, sales or management, we can offer you challenging tasks at all career levels.

    What to expect from us 

    • Your potential new job would be in the IT services sector, a highly dynamic, innovative field, which is constantly changing and posing new challenges
    • The fme Academy will guide you along your career path according to your current vocational background Initially you are provided with a training plan fully tailored to your position.
    • A mentor will be on hand to advise you during the first few weeks or months
    • Flexible organization of working hours, a friendly working atmosphere, and flat hierarchies set us apart
    • You can work abroad at our constantly expanding subsidiaries in Germany and the U.S., either on specific projects or permanently

    What we expect from you 

    • You have an interest in the IT services sector and ideally have already gained experience in this field
    • You enjoy working with dynamic processes and a constant stream of new challenges
    • You place value on creative, innovative work

    What you also need to know

    • You can find all of our job openings in our list of current vacancies. You are also welcome to send a speculative application.
    • Please apply directly from the job offer online with a few clicks or with a video pitch.
    • It goes without saying that we process your application with strict confidence
    Further Training - fme Academy

    fme places great value on training and further training. Every employee has the opportunity to further develop their specific interests and skill sets. The fme Academy was established with this objective in mind.

    At the fme Academy, we aim to ease new employees into fme and create a company-wide further education concept that covers all relevant areas.

    The fme Academy is structured on six different pillars:

    fme Academy Haus

    • The Sales Academy covers all training courses for the sales department
    • The Professional Services (PS) Academy provides all training courses for the professional services department
    • The Product Academy offers all training courses for fme products
    • The Management Academy provides all training courses for the management team
    • The Corporate Academy offers further training across all areas, such as the fme English concept or training in topics such as launch marketing and self-marketing
    • The Education Academy covers all training courses for our trainees, students, and interns

    The fme Academy grows with the employees’ input in addition to further training experiences and requirements. This eventually benefits all fme employees.

    The company you love to work with
    • Flexible working hours: Tailor your working hours to your needs
    • Structured onboarding process: Your coach gets you off to a good start!
    • fme Academy: We help you develop your expertise
    • Internal coaching: We bring out the best in you
    • Personal responsibility: You’re in high demand here!
    • Modern workplace: High-tech IT systems and services
    • Mobility: Interesting in working at an office, from home, or abroad? It’s all possible!
    • Company car policy: We keep you on the go
    • Attractive compensation: Good work pays off
    • Company retirement plans: Start thinking about tomorrow today
    • Family-friendly work: The perfect work/life balance
    We take your well-being to heart
    • Employee events: We love to have FUN!
    • Coffee, tea, and soft drinks included: We won’t let you go thirsty
    • Fresh fruit and candy for free: Grab a bunch and munch away
    • fme breakfast: Start the day together (at the headquarters)
    • Trainee cooking: fme’s ‘up-and-comers’ feed the team (in Munich)
    • Desks, bean bags, and countertops: Communication knows no bounds – no matter where you’re sitting
    • Game nights: Ping pong and PlayStations make for a great evening (in Munich)
    • Bräustüberl: The company-owned pub with a storied history (at the headquarters)
    • Annual employee questionnaire: Your opinion counts!

    We regularly exhibit at various career fairs.

    Get to know us in person. We’ll explain to you the various positions and career prospects fme can offer.


    About fme

    fme is a service provider for the IT sector and was founded in Brunswick, Germany, in 1995. We have an international presence with a European subsidiary in Cluj Napoca, Romania, and U.S. one in Danbury, Connecticut. In addition to our headquarters in Brunswick, we also have sites and offices in the German cities of Munich, Frankfurt (Main), and Düsseldorf.

    We currently have a workforce of approximately 16 employees in Romania and about 190 employees in Germany. In total we are about 240 people globally, and we’re constantly expanding.

    What does fme mean?

    These three letters are an amalgamation of the initials of the company’s founders, Frank Mittelstaedt and Michael Engelen.

    What we offer

    Nowadays, information such as documents, database entries or various KPIs is no longer only available at companies in paper form. Instead it is often stored digitally and managed by a range of different systems. Digital management and the effective use of information are highly complex activities in large companies.

    Digitization enables new ways of dealing with existing businesses and creates totally new business models. We help our clients worldwide to master their digital transformation in order to remain competitive and to explore future markets.

    This we achieve by optimizing or challenging our clients’ business models through existing and new technologies and by advising them on the necessary cultural change in their company.

    • Cloud, Big Data & Internet of Things
    • Virtual Reality
    • Business Intelligence
    • Social Business Collaboration
    • Enterprise Content Management technologies in combination with
    • custom software development and
    • the ability to operate our clients’ systems 24×7

    help us to add value to our clients’ transformation process.

    Culture & Values

    We are very proud of our corporate culture. Values such as ‘open,’ ‘honest,’ and ‘fair’ don’t just exist in our marketing slideshows or corporate presentations, they are ingrained in our everyday work.

    At fme you have the opportunity to flexibly adapt your working hours to your personal circumstances. That is for example why many mothers work part-time, even at management level, in order to achieve a better balance between their private and professional lives.

    There’s a very friendly, open atmosphere at fme. Flat hierarchies are in place and all employees, from the trainees to the board of directors, address each other informally. The fme Culture Book came into being in 2011. You will find a slider with some quotes a bit further up on this page and may order your own copy or download the full PDF. Take a look inside and find out more about what it means to work for fme!

    Contact Person

    For all questions about our job opportunities and working at fme we are happy to help.

    Natascha Haufschild
    Personnel Specialist
    +49 531 238540
    Selina Bleilevens
    Personnel Specialist
    +49 531 238540