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25 years of digital love.

Webinar: What Approach Should You Take
to the Internet of Things (IoT)?

Companies that implement a digital transformation often change from being a product manufacturer to becoming a service provider. The services such providers offer are based on data collected from the real world. Companies can now bridge the gap between the real world and the digital world using the mechanisms and principles of the Internet of Things (IoT). Device networking and individual opportunities for interaction open up new possibilities and expand fields of business.

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fme is 25!

From a small, regional IT system house to an international consulting firm for digital transformation with almost 300 employees. Celebrate virtually with us!

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Working in Corona times: Tips for companies & employees

With this blog collection we want to help others to get through Corona times in the best possible way.


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Replatforming – Bring Your Legacy App to the Cloud!

Do you want to modernize your application landscape and reduce costs?
The answer lies in the cloud. We will help you move your applications to the cloud at the maturity level you require. This can be done by simply moving the application to the cloud infrastructure, adapting the applications or even creating cloud-native applications in the first place in order to fully exploit the advantages of flexible scalability, reliability, and the ability to be changed frequently.

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Pivotal Cloud Foundry

Take advantage of our expertise

Cloud Foundry is the industry standard when it comes to PaaS services. The open source platform was developed by Pivotal, a subsidiary of Dell EMC, and is the back end of many enterprise cloud solutions (such as SAP HANA Cloud Platform, IBM Bluemix, and Pivotal Cloud Foundry). Cloud Foundry can be deployed on private, on-premise cloud infrastructures as well as on public clouds operated by a wide range of IaaS providers (AWS, Microsoft Azure, and GCP, for example).


Public Cloud Computing

Let us help you make the right choice

Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and Microsoft Azure offer a wide range of infrastructure components, but what differentiates these providers from one another is the additional services they offer. We will help you make the right choice or find the best combination, whether your processes simply require servers and storage space, need to be available internationally, or involve analyzing larger data volumes with machine learning tools and algorithms.


    Cloud Computing

    Your Workload in the Cloud

    The trend towards using the cloud can no longer be stopped. This is good news for companies, since cloud computing enables them to significantly reduce costs by more effectively utilizing resources, whether they use a cloud computing solution based on an in-house data center (private cloud), public servers operated by known providers such as AWS, Azure, and GCP, or a hybrid combination of private and public clouds. Cloud computing also allows companies to scale their IT resources in a flexible manner (elasticity), quickly and frequently adapt applications during operation, ensure much higher availabilities (and even deploy their systems with zero downtime), and take advantage of innovative services to optimally support existing business models and create new ones.

    A wide range of excellent offers are now available, from IaaS services offered by public cloud providers and services available from databases through to data analysis and machine learning. The available range of offers is extremely diverse and is constantly being expanded and improved.

    We will help you navigate through the large number of offers that are available and find the best combination of providers and services, while taking into account the requirements and constraints of your company, such as your budget and your technical and operational requirements.

    Cloud Strategy and Organizational Support

    We will help you simplify complex decision-making processes and incorporate cloud computing in a way that is best tailored to your operations. You can choose from the following solutions:

    Basic Consultation Service Regarding the Cloud

    We will work with you to determine which offer or combination of offers is most appropriate for you, determine how cloud computing can complement, optimize, or even replace your existing IT models, and determine which solution is the most cost-effective option.

    Tailored Cloud Solutions

    This service is for companies that are facing particular or temporary challenges, or wish to start off with a small cloud environment and scale upwards as required. We will design cloud-native applications tailored to your specific requirements. These will provide you with the benefits of the cloud, allowing you to make adjustments in a flexible manner, eliminate downtimes, and scale up or down according to your needs.

    Cloud Infrastructure

    Many data centers are not prepared to meet the new requirements placed on companies by the trend towards digitalization. It is therefore more sensible to reduce the size of your data center and scale up or down in line with your requirements. We will help you replace your entire system, move it to the cloud, and operate it there independently.

    Replatforming Old Applications to the Cloud

    Do your existing applications need to be deployed in the cloud? We will help you carry out your replatforming project and make your applications ready for the cloud. This involves making a small number of changes to the applications so they can be moved to the cloud, then making additional changes in order to fully exploit the benefits of the cloud; in other words, making them cloud-native.

    Migrations from Cloud to Cloud

    If you are already operating solutions in the cloud but want to optimize or harmonize these solutions, it is possible to migrate them from one cloud infrastructure to another. We will help you.

    Technology Consulting and Software Development Services

    We are full-stack developers with expertise in all aspects of cloud computing. These are:

    Cloud-native Software Development

    We develop software solutions that are designed specifically to run in the cloud, which means they are easily scalable and self-healing. Creating task-oriented software modules (microservices) is an important part of this development process.


    We create build and deployment pipelines in order to facilitate an agile and service-oriented software development process for cloud-based applications. We use Jenkins and Concourse for this process. Furthermore, we harmonize existing systems management platforms with the features required for the cloud (centralized logging and evaluation, among others).

    Container & Cluster

    Containers are an important technical component in cloud computing, offering flexibility and scalability. We support the creation of container infrastructures using Docker and Kubernetes.

    Public and Hybrid Cloud Solutions

    As a Microsoft Partner and AWS Consulting Partner, we offer technical expertise in the services offered by a selection of public cloud providers.
    Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and Microsoft Azure offer a wide range of infrastructure components, but what differentiates these providers from one another is the additional services they offer. We will help you select the right provider or find a combination, whether your processes simply require servers and storage space, need to be available internationally, or involve analyzing larger data volumes with machine learning tools and algorithms.

    Pivotal CloudFoundry

    As a Pivotal Advanced Partner, we offer our expertise in Cloud Foundry, the industry standard for PaaS solutions (such as Pivotal Cloud Foundry, IBM Bluemix, and SAP Hana Cloud Platform), for customers who use a private cloud or PaaS service.

    Showcase: Alexa, please open OpenText Documentum!

    »Alexa, please open OpenText Documentum.« With simple oral commands like these, users of OpenText Documentum can now have the digital voice assistant Amazon Alexa open their documents, have her read them aloud and lately even translate them to other languages in real-time. This is possible thanks to a showcase, which the digitalisation experts at fme used to connect a newly written Alexa skill through serverless services such as AWS Lambda and an interface with OpenText Documentum.

    The versatility of AWS & Amazon Alexa has enabled fme to develop a service that can be easily adapted to the specific tasks and expectations of user companies. The developers intentionally only used basic functions so that they could design the usage to be as simple as possible. In this way, users can control OpenText Documentum by voice command, navigate through it, display content, or have content read to them.

    Use Cases
    »Alexa could just as easily explain simple tasks in OpenText Documentum to users. We have already thought about an interactive tutorial as well, in which Alexa could walk users through the complex ECB platform,« says Oponczewski. This would not only simplify the onboarding of new employees, but make it cheaper too.

    In laboratories where gloves are worn and manual control of the mouse and keyboard is difficult, users can, for example, have work instructions from Alexa read out loud.

    The transition from traditional IT resources to cloud-based IT solutions is not only a technological change, but also a cultural one. We are happy to transfer our knowledge so you can steer the course of the transformation process yourself.