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With our expertise, we are there to assist and support you with appropriate communication measures – from analysis and planning to its implementation.

Your expert for change management

Nothing, when implementing a new software is as expensive as a new software that no one uses.

Case Study: Volkswagen AG – Creation Of An E-Learning Course For The Worldwide Distribution Within The Group And To Suppliers

Reach your employees with e-learnings. You can read how this works in our case study!

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    Communication Services
    We will help you actively integrate your employees into change processes, allowing you to lay the groundwork for successfully transforming your corporate culture.

    … moving forward together!
    Our fme Communication Services team provides the link between technology and people. It is your point of contact when it comes to IT communications, consulting, and human change management (HCM). We draw on our expertise to help you successfully carry out your projects using the right communication measures. We do this by focusing on the most important assets of your company: your employees.

    • Efficient handling of changes
    • More acceptance of employees for new innovations
    • Transparency within the company
    • Motivation of employees
    • Time and cost saving


    Change Curve

    Human Change Management

    »Nothing in the history of life is more constant than change«. Charles Darwin already knew that. However, although change is omnipresent and takes place faster and faster, it is often difficult for us to accept and integrate it. This applies to both private and professional life. But especially in professional life employees today are required to do a lot of work. Digital transformation is advancing: Coordinating new software, new work processes and the collaboration of distributed teams are just some of the many challenges. Companies depend on flexible, adaptable employees who quickly find their way into new situations. Support your employees in this process with the right Human Change Management!

    We assist you in the planning of corporate change, analyze the target groups, minimize risks and take advantage of self-developed, communication-specific actions in order to successfully carry out your human change management project.

    Learning Concepts and E-Learning

    How does learning look like in a globalized world‘s digital age? We help you to choose the right learning format for your company and together we lay the foundation for the development of the media that leads to a successful learning process for your employees.

    Social Business Collaboration

    Collaboration is a key factor for a company’s success. Social business collaboration tools enable an open, agile culture and ensure a more efficient communication. Employees can network and communicate project-orientated. We accompany you starting with the first steps to the implementation of the system.

    Rollout- and Project Communication

    Whether accompaniment of rollout projects, logo creation, development of a marketing campaign, conception of a rollout plan, or target-specific measures – we offer you all modules from the fields of rollout and project communication. From conception to implementation.

    Intercultural Communication

    Do you have projects in which different culture groups are involved? Together with you we develop culture-specific communication contents, clear up misunderstandings and create a common understanding.

    Event Management

    Specifically planned and conceptualized events increase the attention for a topic, create a common consensus and increase the motivation. Put your events into good hands. We support you in preparing, planning, organizing and executing the event.

    Project Management and Organization

    Planning, coordination, organization as well as management of measures and project members – we support you in a smooth operation of your IT and communication projects.