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25 years of digital love.

Digital Transformation in Sales & Marketing

Is your company ready for digitalization?
What does digitalization have to do with a pair of glasses or Lego? Digital transformation is the talk of the town across the world! But how does digitalization affect my company and my customer processes? We would be happy to introduce you to our approach and methods in a compact, 90-minute presentation at your premises. We will work with you to identify where you need to take action and what opportunities this may bring you.


fme is 25!

From a small, regional IT system house to an international consulting firm for digital transformation with almost 300 employees. Celebrate virtually with us!

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Working in Corona times: Tips for companies & employees

With this blog collection we want to help others to get through Corona times in the best possible way.


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    Digital Transformation in Sales and Marketing Processes
    Tap into the digital potential of your customer processes. As specialists in digital transformation, we will advise you along the way.

    Is your company ready for digitalization?
    Everybody is talking about it, but does digitalization have any effect on my company? Where is there a need for action and what opportunities might this bring? How can I use technologies for existing and new business models? We can answer all of your questions.

    We will help you improve both your sales figures and customer satisfaction by making your digital sales process more efficient. This is achieved through seamless provisioning, an emotional presentation, as well as marketing and sales information tailored to your needs. We will work with you to evaluate where your company currently stands. To this end, we will examine your existing business models, with an eye towards taking digital transformation at your company to the next level, while working with you to develop business and technology strategies fit for the future.

    Digital Transformation Workshop

    Become one of the first companies to undergo a digital transformation and benefit from digitalization to its full extent!

    Our introductory Digital Transformation workshop teaches you how you can use existing and new technologies to optimize or reconsider your business models, thereby taking you further on the path towards digital transformation.

    “The two-day workshop was run by very experienced consultants from fme AG and allowed us to become attuned to and excited about digital transformation. The consultants took a sophisticated didactic approach, incorporating their knowledge of current trends and best practices, and implemented precise, innovative, and creative methods of running a workshop. As a result, we were able to develop a comprehensive strategic plan that outlines the specific tasks we need to perform in order to bring digital transformation to our business areas. We are excited to have discovered the potential in our existing and new business models, which we will now harness and utilize.”
    Georg Weber, CEO of MKN Maschinenfabrik Kurt Neubauer GmbH & Co. KG

    Our Approach

    Our strategy combines the latest consulting techniques with project and program management. We use unconventional approaches such as Lego® Serious Play®, in addition to more traditional workshop methods such as the business model canvas, in order to help you identify the course of action that is most suitable for you. Our expertise in industrial manufacturing means we speak your language and understand the challenges you face.

    Not only do we advise you, we also support you as your implementation partner while you carry out your projects. We complement our classic consulting services by offering development and design services from a single source!


    Workshop Contents

    We run the following workshop modules to help you find the right path to digital transformation:

    • Detailed introduction to digital transformation
    • Analysis of existing business models
    • Disruptive and innovative business modeling
    • Value Proposition Design
    • Create a new business model as well as a strategic plan to test the model
    • Requirements elicitation and evaluation of existing initiatives
    • Lego® Serious Play®


    Additional Client References

    “fme was a great help to us in developing and carrying out an innovation workshop that allowed us to bring greater structure to our ideas and the available options regarding a new business model. During the workshop, we brainstormed and worked to further hone our vision, leaving us in the end with a clearly defined roadmap. fme did an excellent job in flexibly responding to our needs over the course of the workshop. Never once did we lose track of the ultimate goal at hand. The workshop followed a detailed plan, with great and useful flipcharts and pin boards to round it off.”

    Christian Decker, Managing Director of KLOECKNER DESMA Schuhmaschinen GmbH

    Virtual und Augmented Reality

    The latest technological developments in augmented and virtual reality are creating never-before-seen opportunities to interact with customers. We will help you find new ways to communicate with customers and transform your sales processes into one-of-a-kind experiences. Our expertise in the fields of consulting and human change management ensures that proper account is taken for the cultural change that accompanies the process of transforming your business models, and that close consideration is given to technical aspects related to digitalization.

    Microsoft HoloLens Augmented Reality Glasses

    As one of the first IT service providers fme has access to the Development Edition of Microsoft’s HoloLens augmented reality glasses. As such, fme is part of the small first wave of companies that successfully applied to acquire a pair of the coveted augmented reality glasses for developers in spring 2016. These glasses will allow the company to guide its clients through digitization processes in an innovative way.


    “We are very happy that Microsoft selected us for the first delivery phase. We are going to use the HoloLens to bring our visions to life, working hand in hand with our strategic partners and clients to create thrilling new customized customer experiences,” says Dirk Bode, CEO of fme. fme is focusing on developing new technologies for its clients in the automotive and consumer goods sectors.

    The IT service provider possesses comprehensive virtual and augmented reality expertise, and will develop HoloLens applications to make the sales process an innovative, emotional experience for end customers and further promote digital transformation within companies.

    Customers who are ordering a custom configured product such as a car or visiting a booth at a trade fair will be given a pair of branded virtual reality glasses made of cardboard to take home. At home, they can take a good look at their car, test out various features, and share their experience over social media. fme will also use the HoloLens to develop entirely new point-of-sale concepts – the company will create a new, highly emotional sales process by entering into a dialog with the buyer and creating a custom product within a virtual reality, instead of relying upon physically existing models.

    “The future is now! When end customers, designers, and event participants use our 3D applications in combination with Microsoft’s augmented reality glasses, they take a massive leap forward in the digital realm and remain a step ahead of the rest. We look forward to accompanying them along the way and further expanding our virtual reality portfolio,” says Manuel Schiavo, who is in charge of virtual and augmented reality activities at fme.

    Future Showroom

    Take advantage of our extensive experience in emotionalizing customer processes. We will help you achieve greater success at the point of sale by designing and implementing interactive portals, using intuitive sales tools, and creating a holistic design for innovative showroom concepts.

    Our Modules
    • Communication with customers via the Internet, mobile apps, and at the point of sale
    • 3D product visualization and configuration
    • Emotional customer interaction at the point of sale
    • Digital sales processes with blueprint and roadmap
    • Business collaboration and networks
    • Needs-based customer relationship management
    • Analysis, management, and visualization of sales and marketing information
    • Digital business models and maturity analyses