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Pivotal Cloud Foundry

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Cloud Foundry is the industry standard when it comes to PaaS services. The open source platform was developed by Pivotal, a subsidiary of Dell EMC, and is the back end of many enterprise cloud solutions (such as SAP HANA Cloud Platform, IBM Bluemix, and Pivotal Cloud Foundry). Cloud Foundry can be deployed on private, on-premise cloud infrastructures as well as on public clouds operated by a wide range of IaaS providers (AWS, Microsoft Azure, and GCP, for example).


Replatforming – Bring Your Legacy App to the Cloud!

Do you want to modernize your application landscape and reduce costs?
The answer lies in the cloud. We will help you move your applications to the cloud at the maturity level you require. This can be done by simply moving the application to the cloud infrastructure, adapting the applications or even creating cloud-native applications in the first place in order to fully exploit the advantages of flexible scalability, reliability, and the ability to be changed frequently.

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    Pivotal Cloud Foundry
    Cloud-native Solutions Tailored to Your Requirements

    Success with Pivotal Cloud Foundry and fme

    Cloud computing and data science are redefining the possibilities and scope of digital value creation. Large IT companies have been paving the way, developing the required technologies for several years. These technologies and the opportunities they offer are now of greater interest to the economic landscape as a whole, particularly as they allow companies to harness the digital transformation to ensure they are ready for the future. Conventional software platforms are no longer capable of meeting the new requirements.

    With its software products and particularly with Pivotal Cloud Foundry, Pivotal Software Inc. (Pivotal) sets the industry standard for cloud platforms that can respond to the new requirements that arise as a result of the digital transformation. Pivotal Cloud Foundry is a platform as a service (PaaS) that enables companies to focus on the content of their digital business models rather than the platform technology. Maximum stability, scalability and performance, automation and standardization, zero-downtime operation, and the possibility to continuously modify digital products and software without maintenance windows: These are just a few of the core functions of this platform.

    As one of the first Pivotal Ready Advanced Partners in Europe, fme specializes in

    • Installing and operating this cloud platform, whether in the customer’s own data center (private cloud) or in the servers of one of the public cloud service providers (AWS, Azure, GCP)
    • Agile, test-driven, cloud-native software development with or without microservice architecture, following the 12-factor methodology
    • Setting up delivery pipelines with Jenkins, GitLab, or Concourse (CI/CD, DevOps)
    • Integrating existing systems into the cloud application either as a service or with service brokers
    • Ensuring the security of cloud applications and the Pivotal Cloud Foundry platform
    • Replatforming – the migration of existing applications to the Pivotal Cloud Foundry platform
    • Supporting the cultural transformation that every company goes through when introducing a cloud platform or migrating workloads to the cloud

    We guarantee that our Pivotal-certified and interdisciplinary employees will draw on this expertise to give you the support you need. Find out more! We are happy to speak with you personally. We look forward to your hearing from you!