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The MRSC carries out around 250 market research studies a year with international and local partner companies in 70 countries worldwide on topics such as market/market development, brand performance/development, customer satisfaction, advertising effects and product development. In addition to the reports created in the MRSC, third party studies on various topics are also purchased. In this way, a large number of documents are produced each year. In the past, these documents were managed via a Lotus Notes platform. The previous application no longer met the increasing requirements as regards authorisation concept, user administration, data quantities and searches.

The objective was, therefore, to develop a system which considers the various user groups with the corresponding authorisations, provides efficient search strategies and bundles information into categories according to specific topics. In addition, the range of information on the platform should be rounded off by the option of searching in external sources (InfoGate).

Since the group archive is already based on technology by EMC Documentum, as part of this platform the new market research portal MafoNet+ was also created in Documentum. The documents already in the previous version of MafoNet were automatically transferred to the new system. MRSC staff now access them via an editorial system which they also use for archiving the information collected using this System.


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