Open Grid Europe: A Streamlined DMS for the Entire Company


Open Grid Europe has introduced a streamlined and efficient DMS for 1,800 users with the help of fme AG. Six million documents, along with all their attributes, were cleanly imported, and the document archives extensively automated and migrated without any errors using migration center.

When the company was founded, Open Grid Europe required its own IT infrastructure and document management system (DMS). The existing documents from the predecessor company needed to be imported into the new DMS. Its document management system had been tailored to the needs of selected departments and expanded and customized over time. As such it was unable to meet the needs of the entire company; moreover, its structure had become relatively complicated.


Open Grid Europe


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»The migration center functioned perfectly during the transfer of the legacy data. We were able to use it to filter all our stored documents and automatically convert them according to our specifications. It was easy to control each of the processes and we are truly satisfied with the quality of the results.«
Christoph Gedwien, internal IT consultant at Open Grid Europe

Case Study | Open Grid Europe: A Streamlined DMS for the Entire Company


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