Descriptive Analytics

Gain valuable insight and make informed decisions using data

Descriptive analytics refers to the process of interpreting historical data to better understand past changes and the way they impact the current situation. It poses the question, “What happened?” and analyzes past events. This process centers around the use and aggregation of historical data in order to make comparisons.

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Descriptive Analytics - Daten analysieren

Analyzing data across the entire company and between different fields of operation

Independently operating departments within a single company inevitably develop heterogeneous data landscapes. To allow your company to analyze aggregated data from across the organization and between different fields of operation, it is necessary to homogenize this data landscape and integrate your data. We design and implement the right solution for your heterogeneous data landscape.

Extracting valuable information from data​​

Oftentimes, sampling pure data from source systems (CRM, ERP, and others) is not enough to extract valuable information. This data must first be transformed, cleansed, and mapped. Afterwards, that data can be presented to the end user in the correct format. We help you extract valuable information from your data so that you have all the knowledge you need to make informed decisions.
Descriptive Analytics_Extracting Informationen - Data - Cleaned - Grouped
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Making informed decisions

Purely technical information is generally not enough to help you make the right decisions on a timely basis. With the help of cutting-edge visualization techniques and adaptive dashboards, you can quickly and easily access the most important information you need to make informed decisions.

Conducting independent analyses and creating reports

With our BI solutions, we make sure you have timely access to the information you need to make decisions at all levels of management. We provide you with an IT environment in which users are able to conduct their own analyses and create reports independently, without having to rely on support from the IT department. Our custom developed, highly intuitive dashboards communicate information clearly and help our customers to improve both their reporting capabilities as well as their organizational culture.


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