Qlik Value-added Products

Elevate your Qlik analytics and reporting to the next level

Automate your reporting with custom report creation and distribution or receive real-time, data-driven alerts on critical KPIs. The Qlik value-added products provide you with access to powerful, location-based analytics and near real-time access to social media and web-based data sources.


Reporting with Qlik NPrinting

Use Qlik NPrinting to generate automated reports in all current data formats based on your Qlik analyses. The centralized platform helps you create comprehensive, individualized reports and plan report distribution – it couldn’t be easier. These can then be made available via e-mail, in shared folders or on the central reporting hub. NPrinting can even help you automate comprehensive reporting tasks. Sophisticated access controls and line-by-line data filtering provide reliable security.

Benefits for you

  • A joint platform for analytics and reporting
  • Supports all current file formats
  • Maximum resolution, quality, and precision
  • Aggregates data from multiple analyses in a single report

Data-driven alerts with Qlik Alerting

Empower your users to monitor your business proactively – after all, agility is essential to the digital economy. With Qlik Alerting, your users can create individualized, data-driven alerts for the data that is important to you – all via the Qlik user interface. You receive immediate email or push notifications the moment an event is requiring your response occurs in your data. At the same time, administrators can set up and manage complex notifications for delivery to large user groups.

Unlike other products, Qlik’s alerting technology is fully data-driven, allowing you to monitor all of your data without any limitations.

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Location-based analytics with Qlik GeoAnalytics

Qlik GeoAnalytics makes it easy to add maps with automatic geodata searches and combine them with a range of different visualizations. Analyze your geodata separately or together with non-geodata to uncover hidden geospatial relationships.

Qlik GeoAnalytics is equipped with powerful map visualizations and geospatial analytical methods such as clustering, heat maps, range and drive time calculation, and route optimization. Using the insights drawn from these geospatial analytics functions, you can uncover important spatial information and reveal hidden geographical relationships.

Qlik GeoAnalytics offers you

  • Flexible visualization of location-based data
  • Simple processing and enrichment of location-based data
  • Direct retrieval of additional address-based data

Qlik Web Connectors

Better decision-making thanks to simple aggregation of social media and web-based data with existing information.

Qlik Web Connectors offer you a collection of ready-to-use connectors designed for social media and web-based data sources. This helps you avoid the time-consuming custom development and maintenance of such data connections and provides you with fast access to the data sources you need. Make informed decisions based on additional social media and web-based data.

Qlik Web Connectors provide you with near real-time access to sources such as

  • Google Analytics
  • Office 365
  • Twitter
  • Youtube
  • and more…
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