Microsoft Azure Hands-On Workshop

Work with us to process your first use case. We’ll show you how it’s done.

This half-day workshop provides you with fundamental background knowledge on the potential of the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. Work with us to develop a concrete approach to handling the solutions and architecture of your use case.

AWS Do It Yourself Workshop

Perfect Introduction to Microsoft Azure

Azure now offers around 600 different cloud services and a wealth of possibilities for companies. Keeping track of it all can be a challenge in and of itself. The solution: Get started with our Azure Hands-On Workshop. In this proven format, we will collaborate with you to identify the best approach for your goals, taking account of any existing dependencies to ensure that your project runs smoothly from start to finish.

Workshop Details

In this four-hour workshop, our certified Microsoft Azure experts provide you with a general introduction to the topic and then take the time to address your individual requirements and the special challenges the Azure platform poses for your business. Discover the many possibilities of Azure. We present you with typical scenarios and established standards for different use cases.

The workshop also touches on methods for migrating existing applications in Azure and implementing cloud applications. In the practical portion, we work together to implement a pre-planned, technically applicable use case and discuss concrete approaches for solutions and architectures. Additionally, we present commonly used cloud concepts and the associated best practices.

Microsoft Azure Hands-OnWorkshop
AWS Kostenmanagement - Die Methode

Optimizing Costs

Another portion of the workshop is dedicated to cost considerations. Here we present typical cost optimization methods to familiarize you with these cost structures, which are very different to those of on-premises installations, and provide you with a transparent overview of costs to make sure you are not in for a shock when you receive your monthly invoice.

Booking Your Workshop and Next Steps

Is Microsoft Azure currently a hot topic for your organization? We are looking forward to your registration!

Once you have completed the workshop, we would be happy to dive directly into an in-depth discussion of your project. We help you design, implement, and operate your applications and infrastructures. Our Azure experts merge the technical and organization requirements of your company with the capabilities of Azure to develop highly available, powerful, and stable solutions.

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