DevOps Workshop

Learn what you need to know to go from cloud naive to cloud native!

We’ll teach you all about DevOps, the “secret sauce” for fast-paced, modern companies.

DevOps Workshop

DevOps, the ››Secret Sauce‹‹ for fast-paced, modern companies

Short time to market can be a key factor in the success of a company working to develop and implement a digital strategy. DevOps principles unite software development, IT operations, and quality assurance and build the basis required for these tasks to be performed.

We’ll show you what you need to get the job done.

What Challenges Do You Face?

  • You have to innovate or prepare new product releases at a rapid pace
  • You have to reduce errors while fulfilling your company’s requirements for quality, security, and compliance
  • Your systems must always be available and up-to-date
  • Problems must be identified immediately and automatically if possible and solved without adversely affecting the users
  • Cost-effective use of resources in the cloud is essential
DevOps Workshop - Herausforderungen

Our Workshop Package

  • Half-day, in-house workshop (4 hours, currently held remotely) 
  • Learn about the principles, tools, and opportunities, find out from us what requirements your organization needs to meet before getting started
  • We work with you to develop a concrete plan of action based on your individual challenges and the dependencies in your environment and identify the knowledge you will need to achieve your targets 

How You Benefit

  • Benefit from our knowledge from practical experience
  • Take advantage of our expertise handling individual, organizational, and technical challenges with a range of customers representing an entire spectrum of demands and stipulations

Feedback from Workshop Participants

»We found the consultants from fme to be highly skilled and experienced experts who were willing to address our individual needs in depth. We managed to make useful additions to our DevOps toolchain and we firmly plan to call upon fme AG’s expertise again in the future.«

(Dr. Michael Saß, Bereichsleiter IT-Entwicklung, Hamburger Pensionsverwaltung eG)

»In the AWS workshop with fme, we spoke in depth about the DevOps concept we are working to implement in our program initiative. fme gave us the green light for our concept and inspired us with new ideas. fme is still actively working to help us implement our concepts.«

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