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Leverage the challenges of digital transformation to optimize your organization.

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Digitalization presents companies with entirely new challenges. New business models and markets are appearing at break-neck speed. Established companies and their business models are under increased pressure from new competitors. Companies must make the leap to the digital world in order to enjoy continued success down the road. Velocity, agility, creativity, innovation, networking, and experimentation are fundamental parts of the culture that successful companies must embrace in the digital era.

Digitale Transformation

Your partner for digital transformation.
It’s fme you love to work with!

Digitalization offers new ways to optimize existing business models and even opens the door to entirely new business models. We believe in the opportunities of digital transformation and love to help our clients worldwide maintain and create competitive businesses.

Our devoted consultants optimize or challenge our clients’ business models through existing and new technologies. In addition, our consultants support the transformation to the modern working world and accompany the necessary cultural change within the company.

With business consulting, technology, and managed services
 we support your digital transformation!

Our consultation team analyzes the digitalization status of your company and works with you to develop a strategy for your digital transformation. We team up with you to identify suitable areas of your company and help determine how you can leverage new technologies to shore up your existing business and choose which new business models you would want to explore going forward. Aside from the business model, cultural change within a company is the most important factor in the success of a digital transformation. We guide you through these changes and show you how to establish new ideas and approaches at your company in the long term.

Information technology (IT) plays a decisive role in protecting your existing business structures and exploring new business models for the future. Have you taken the preliminary steps for a successful digital transformation? Your IT department must consider some important questions: What systems do we run on our own and what do we consume from the cloud? Do we serve as innovators in our company and what do we contribute to the overall product? Take advantage of our technology services to drive your strategies to produce results.

Naturally, we continue to provide support following the rollout. Our managed services provide you with a reliable partner to assist with global operation, maintenance, and support for your systems and applications.

fme Portfolio Digital Transformation
With our business consulting, technology, and managed services we help you maintain and hone your competitive edge.
Ihr Partner für Digitale Transformation

Your partner for digital transformation.
It’s fme you love to work with!

Naturally, we also assist you in individual subareas: Do you want to revolutionize your planning or elevate your internal communication to the next level using a collaboration platform? Do you need a change management team for a specific project? Are you looking for a consultant to help you pilot your digitalization initiatives? Our skilled specialists are here to help.

We love to take on your challenges. Let’s forge ahead into the digital future together!


A selection of our success stories

»Over the course of two day-long workshops, the highly experienced consultants from fme AG introduced our management team to the topic of digital transformation and got them fully engaged. Thanks to their sophisticated training theory, plenty of input on trends and best practices, and spot-on use of creative and unconventional workshop methods, we emerged from this experience with a comprehensive roadmap, complete with concrete steps for orchestrating the digital transformation of our business areas. It is exciting to see the potential in both the old and new business models we are planning to tap into.«

Georg Weber

CEO, MKN Maschinenfabrik Kurt Neubauer GmbH & Co. KG


Digital Transformation

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