Navigating the AI Revolution: Crafting a Winning Enterprise Strategy

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AI can supercharge a company's efficiency by up to 20%, sometimes even more in sectors like Marketing and Software Development. At the same time AI is already beyond any hype. AI's indispensability is unquestionable – it's a vital competitive edge now, soon to become a fundamental skill. Just as IT evolved from a strategic option to a necessity, AI's trajectory is similar but at a breakneck speed.

Benefits of using AI

How to start?

Your journey already started by visiting this website. The next step is to create your individual AI roadmap and experience to make AI a core competency within your organization. We use our fme 5-Step model to guide you through this process accompanied by an continuous skill enhancement.

  • Discover: Get to know what AI is, which tools exist and how it can help you –
  • Explore: Start a maturity check at your company and find out where AI can be most beneficial to your organization
  • Strategize: Create your Vision and start implementing
  • Light the fire: Start a pilot project and use this to build up your expertise and your own AI center of excellence (AICoE)
  • Scale: Expand the knowledge and use cases
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With our in-depth knowledge of digital transformation and our AI experts, we support numerous companies from various industries in the successful implementation of AI solutions as part of their digital strategies. If you want to automate repetitive tasks, gain insights from large data sets, improve the experience of your clients or employees or increase your decision-making capabilities as part of your digital transformation, we have the experience and expertise to help you achieve this.

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AI Maturity Check

Generative AI works best when it is used in a targeted manner. Our AI maturity check gives you a quick insight into where generative AI has the greatest leverage and brings the most benefits. Using a mixture of interviews and management workshops, we determine your individual company profile as the basis for your AI strategy.
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In a world where artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly becoming the centerpiece of business innovation, the question for many CEOs and executives is: How do we navigate this complex field...


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