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Increasing digitalization places financial services providers in a challenging situation. Facing those challenges means finding new ways to develop existing business models or even inventing entirely new ones. Due to the current macroeconomic environment, a company’s existing ability to innovate is no longer enough to bring about rapid, dramatic transformation. Fintechs and platform providers may provide solutions and serve as good partners for now, but they may develop into competitors over time. Close the gap on fintechs with our support. Build on the advantages of your core strengths, such as trust and reliability, by leveraging digital solutions and knowledge about your clients so that you can continue to serve as their preferred financial partner going forward. Together, we stimulate your business and make sure you continue to grow, both today and in the future.

Reveal Hidden Potential and Drive Innovation

You, our financial services customer, understand your core business best. We know you are innovative and eager to achieve digital transformation in your business. Take advantage of our expertise as a digitalization specialist to reveal hidden potential and drive more innovation. We will be your guide through the compliance jungle.

Our dedicated consultants have extensive expertise in financial services and help you to scrutinize and optimize your business processes and models through the use of existing and cutting-edge technologies. Together with you, we identify potential savings and develop innovative business ideas to keep you ahead of the competition in your market.

We also offer consultation to guide you through the necessary cultural changes at your company. We always concentrate on your clients – that’s how we know our focus is in the right place. Using agile methods accelerates your product development process and helps you form rapid insights on effective measures.

Our Consulting Portfolio

Financial Services

We offer you a wide range of solutions and products to help you maintain and hone your competitive edge.

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Financial Services

We offer you a wide range of solutions and products to help you maintain and hone your competitive edge.


A selection of our success stories
»As an AWS Consulting Partner, fme AG’s expertise in AWS services played a major role in helping us migrate our DevOps toolchain from our internal systems to the AWS Cloud while optimizing factors such as security and availability and significantly reducing operating costs for these services.«
Boris-Michael Steinke

CTO, JITpay GmbH

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Financial Services

Customer Testimonial | Concordia Versicherungen – Digital Transformation

Michael Witzel, Management, and Bastian Freyberg, Business Consultant, at Concordia Versicherungen, report how they benefit from the working relationship with fme in their current projects.


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