Enterprise Content Manage­ment

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Intelligent information management is a key factor in the success of digital companies. With our services and solutions based on leading content services platforms and enterprise content management systems, we help you increase employee productivity and pave the way for digital business models while adhering to all necessary compliance regulations.

Solid Foundation for Company Processes

In many cases, company processes are still based on paper documents. This has become an even bigger issue due to COVID-19, as it is impractical to work with such documents from home. However, document management systems and (enterprise) content services can provide your employees with digital documents that they can access from any location, for instance, allowing them to easily sign off on documents using an electronic signature.

Enterprise content management (ECM) includes all technologies designed to capture, manage, save, maintain, and deploy your content and documents. This expressly includes conventional technologies such as input management, document management, collaboration, web content management, workflow, business process management, output management, storage and electronic archiving, but also extends to a wide range of others as well.

Our ECM Portfolio

Platform-independent from comprehensive conception to optimal implementation and efficient use.

Of course, we take all relevant factors into account, such as corporate strategy, corporate culture, cost-effectiveness, compliance and safeguarding the future. A special focus is placed on the most suitable platform for your specific requirements: Open source or market leader? On-premises or in the cloud? Together we will find the perfect match! In addition, we are your reliable partner when it comes to effectively migrating content and decommissioning legacy systems.

Your Benefits

  • Faster process throughput
  • Lower transaction costs
  • Improved process output quality
  • Adherence to compliance requirements

Our ECM Partners

OpenText Documentum is the preferred provider of enterprise content management solutions for more than 2,500 of the world’s largest companies.



Hyland’s Alfresco Platform is the first and leading open source alternative for enterprise content management.



Box is a global leader in cloud content management.


With Microsoft 365 and SharePoint, Microsoft is the leading provider of content services platforms.



Enterprise Content Management

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