Project Management and Product Development

Your path to a successful finished project or product go-live

All types of digitalization initiatives, whether within the scope of specific projects or as part of the launch of digital products, require dedication to your set targets and continuous monitoring of resources, budgets, and information. We plan, coordinate, manage, and monitor your projects and help you develop new products for your portfolio. Our project and product development experts guide you through every phase of the realization and development process and accompany you all the way to the end of your project or your product go-live.

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Successful Project Management and Coordination ​

Digital transformation can be highly complex when multiple intermediary projects are launched and implemented simultaneously, so efficient, goal-oriented program and project management are crucial. We serve as a your partner and mediator between business and IT and offer you a comprehensive service package, spanning from consultation and design all the way to implementation and finalization of all types of projects.

Manage Products and Product Lifecycles ​

Product lifecycle management (PLM) systems help your company manage, process, and provision all information relating to a particular product over the course of its entire lifecycle. The way these systems are set up and managed can heavily impact their efficiency. Our experience with different product lifestyles and cycles enables us to take a holistic view of your products and provide versatile support in setting up your PLM system.
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Projektmanagement Produktentwicklung Digitale Beruehrungspunkte

Create Digital Touch Points for Your Customers ​

The digital customer experience (DCX) is the sum of all the digital interactions the client has with your company. We help you engage and inspire your customers more effectively using digital touch points. This strengthens your business model and opens the door to new ways of approaching products and services.

Rapid and Agile Product Development

Alongside traditional project models, agile models are continuing to become more firmly established on the market. Thanks to our solid expertise in a range of frameworks such as Scrum, Design Thinking, and Google Design Sprint, we are perfectly poised to provide you with reliable support throughout all phases of development – from the initial prototypes all the way to the finished product.


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