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At fme, we work with Microsoft 365 both internally as well as in many client projects. As a long-time Microsoft partner, we hold the Gold Competence “Collaboration and Content”, among other things. With our Microsoft 365 Stories, we would like to share tips and tricks with you that will make your daily work with Microsoft 365 easier.

Your Benefit

  • Practical knowledge from our own working life
  • Time savings for you and your user
  • More acceptance through additional usage

1. Automatic Out-of-Office Notifications

Does this sound familiar to you? On the first day of your vacation, you suddenly remember that you forgot to activate your out-of-office notification…..
In our first fme Microsoft 365 story, we’ll show you how to create automatic out of office notifications using Microsoft 365. Then this won’t happen to you anymore and you can enjoy your vacation in a completely relaxed way. Find out more in the video.

Below we provide a free link to download detailed instructions on how to import the provided workflow (ZIP file) into your own environment.

2. Automatic Booking of Working Hours

Ever had a busy day with lots of appointments and it took you ages to book your hours into your time tracking system? Our flow for automatic booking of hours reads the appointments of your current day from the Outlook Calendar. That saves a lot of time!

Since your booking system will be different from ours, we cannot provide the entire flow as shown in the video. We deliberately did not include the extended version with the HTTP connector because this is a premium feature and the call to a booking API will always be quite individual. However, we will provide you with a flow that sends a list of your appointments by email. Please find all the important information in the short instructions. To find out how exactly the flow works just watch our video!

3. Captivate your audience with live presentations in PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is used all over the world, whether for personal or professional use.  As the world shifted to working remotely most of the time, we all faced new challenges presenting without a live audience.

With live presentations in PowerPoint, you can reach your audience individually, interactively, and even with automated subtitles in their local language. Combine the creative power of PowerPoint with the collaboration functionality of Teams meetings. Make your presentations more engaging and create a closer connection to your audience.

4. Efficient Meeting Notes with Microsoft 365

Meetings are essential parts of many businesses. Without proper organization, meetings can quickly become unproductive, wasting precious time and money.

To help you create effective meeting protocols we have designed an application for you based on Microsoft 365 (Power Platform). With our app, you can easily manage your meetings, ensuring that everyone is on the same page and that important topics are discussed in an orderly manner. Our app also helps you keep track of meeting minutes and outcomes, making it easier to follow up on tasks and review progress. Create meeting protocols that will help you stay organized easily and get the most out of your meetings. If you’re looking to improve the quality of your meetings, give our app a try!

5. Automatic Invoice Processing Using Artificial Intelligence

Welcome to our video about an innovative accounting solution using Microsoft AI Builder. In just a few minutes you will learn how to make your work more efficient and save precious time and resources. Our solution allows you to act more dynamically and flexibly when processing invoices, providing you with more transparent and clear management. Reduce complexity of different systems and components. Avoid missing deadlines thanks to automated notifications and improved storage. Try the solution now and reap its benefits! Thanks for watching and see you next time!


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