fme Custom Solution Framework (CSF)

Achieve the best usability, performance, and flexibility for your OpenText Documentum solutions!

The framework helps clients to efficiently implement custom OpenText Documentum-based solutions for requirements that cannot be resolved through standard out-of-the-box clients.

fme Custom Solution Framework

About fme CSF 

The fme Custom Solution Framework (CSF) helps you to provide the best ECM solutions in terms of usability, performance, and flexibility for the OpenText Documentum platform.

Custom OpenText Documentum based solutions are a valid option if clients want to achieve tailor-made applications that perfectly suit their business processes. In addition, business requirements can be implemented in the most reasonable way, which increases the usability and user acceptance of ECM applications.

Protect your investment in the OpenText Documentum platform

The CSF exists of a state-of-the-art technology stack, concepts, and predefined basic components that can be reused in projects to reduce the effort and costs. Each implementation based on the Custom Solution Framework will be developed individually with the help of existing framework components to meet the customer requirements. With our solution framework, we protect your investments in the OpenText Documentum platform.

  • Predefined components and concepts speed up development and reduce project costs*
  • Multiple installations lower the risk for the clients
  • No need to worry about the technology and architecture
  • Increased usability by providing the best solution for user requirements
  • Modern user-friendly solutions with responsive design
  • Designed for future changes of ECM technology without changing the UI

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fme Custom Solution Framework
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Use Cases

Custom Solution Framework (CSF) is the perfect complement to the existing OpenText Documentum client portfolio. In addition to the standard clients, clients now have a new option available for highly customized solutions. It poses no competition to the OpenText Documentum clients such as D2 and xCP.

The focus is placed on the following use cases:

  • Individual and customized applications
  • UI refresh for existing WDK applications
  • Small applications with minimal scope of functions
  • Solutions that extend the features of D2 and xCP

Technology and Architecture

We employ the latest technologies and standards available for programming languages, frameworks, and architectures. CSF is based on technologies and frameworks using established open source code in order to ensure complete access to the source code and accelerate the development process.
fme Custom Solution Framework Architektur
Custom Solution Framework Projektvorgehen

Project Stages

The very first step is to perform a comprehensive analysis in order to ensure that the final solution meets all expectations. We hold joint workshops with you to identify the use cases, derive the corresponding specialist requirements, and document our findings in the specification. The results serve as the basis for formulating a solution concept, in close cooperation with the IT department and software architects that describes the technical implementation.

The software is developed according to strict quality criteria, and the process is safeguarded using automated and manual tests. We produce transparent results and can react instantly to new or altered requirements, thanks to using agile development methods. We are also happy to provide installation support in your system landscape and assist users in getting familiar with the new software. Our experts even support your project communication effort to ensure the overall success of the project.

Your Benefits

  • Cut costs by introducing your customized version of the CSF client
  • Reduce the time spent on the project
  • Minimize the risk of your project failing
  • Improve quality and user satisfaction

CSF ensures that your company’s workflows do not need to adapt to new software, but rather the software will be modeled to meet your users’ needs. We help safeguard your investment in the OpenText Documentum platform.

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