How I dealt with the biggest change in my life – and how you can learn from it

by Larissa Gräff |
Mar 7, 2019 |

Changes always seem frightening in the first moment. What will the new bring? Will I be able to deal with it? Is it just as good as the old? New things gives you the chance to bring something even better to light – something that we often don’t take into consideration at the beginning.

Similar thoughts occupied me last year in my private environment: In April, we got the happy news that our first child was on the way. The joy was incredible; we couldn’t believe it and had to wait for the first three months to tell the world. In the second moment, many acquaintances came with the traditional phrases: “Everything will be different” – “Enjoy the time you can still spend alone”. And I began to think …

What about the little one? Will I still be able to be as independent as before? What will happen to my job if I take a short break? Some of you will surely know the thoughts. And I can tell you – in the end (at least so far 🙂 ) it is half as bad.
Yes, there are days when we go home earlier from a dinner with friends. Yes, there are days when I can’t do so much of what I’ve set out to do. And yes, I can’t pay as much attention to my work as I used to. But all this is fine – I consciously take time for myself and started working again early. It is very important to me that my little one and I find a way that is good for both of us. Nevertheless it couldn’t be better.


I have also experienced with many of my customers that it is difficult to get involved with new topics. “Never change a running system” simply gets a special meaning in the IT environment in the Life Sciences industry. Cloud is currently the topic that raises the most questions: What will be different in the future? How do I get my old data into the new system? Will my data also comply with the compliance guidelines? Do I still have as much control over my application as before? Let it be said to you – in the end it’s half as bad here too.

On the contrary, seize the opportunity and let the cloud change a small part of your culture.

Maybe you have a smaller system that you would like to use as a pilot?
Maybe you want to start gradually with lift’n’shift or lift’n’extend?
Maybe you want to containerize first to have the flexibility to shift your services on-premises or, depending on your plans, later to cloud services like AWS or Windows Azure – maybe starting with an ad-hoc training environment without business-relevant data that only runs on demand.

Go ahead! We will discuss a strategy with you – from a small pilot to a large roll-out. This tried and tested approach has already made it possible for some customers to answer their first questions and to cast doubt on the strategy.

Get in touch with us.

The strategy is followed by technology and organizational structure as well as your individual approaches. Finally yet importantly, the process of replatforming is an important component for a new start.

Give the cloud and us the chance to change your business model – and be positively surprised.

We are happy to accompany you on this path with our experience!




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