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Sustainable implementation of your digitalization goals and company culture

How can you implement your strategy and transform your organization, processes, technology, and culture all at the same time? We help you realize your digitalization goals and promote sustainable development in your company. To do this, we focus on your goals and challenges, consider the current status at all key levels of the company, and evaluate the needs of your managers and employees. We strengthen your business by guiding you through projects, expert consultation, training, moderation, or specialist and methodological coaching.

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Organizational Development – Successful Implementation of Your Digitalization Strategy

Organizations must be adaptable in order to survive and thrive in today’s rapidly shifting and transforming business environment. Promoting growth while retaining stability – that is the primary challenge for any successful company development initiative. We help you and your company to analyze the diverse array of relationships within your organization and your market environment. We work with you to develop new structures and lay the groundwork needed to implement changes in your organization and firmly anchor those developments going forward.

Cultural Transformation – Change Your Company Culture for the Better 

Your company culture is the way your company thinks about and embodies change, the way it generates and embraces innovation. Digital transformation is multifaceted and the cultural aspect is essential to the success of this process. Companies that achieve success in the digital era must be founded on speed, agility, creativity, innovation, networking, and experimentation. Successful, sustainable change can only be achieved when everyone is on board. Our consultants guide you through your cultural transformation and show you how to establish new ideas and approaches at your company. 

Organisationsentwicklung-und-Befaehigung_Kulturelle-Transformation_Würfel mit Aufschrift Change
New Work - Entscheiden Sie für die Zukunft

New Work – The New Way of Working

The work environment is undergoing fundamental change. The digital transformation and the new opportunities it offers are changing the requirements and needs of the working population. The work models we are familiar with are being replaced and flexible, dynamic work models are coming to the foreground. A questioning of existing ways of working as well as the work culture leads to fundamental changes in collaboration and responsibilities.

In order to be and remain an attractive employer, it is essential to address the issue of New Work. The way there can take many different and individual forms. Together with you, we would like to set the course in your company and accompany you in this process.

Process Optimization – Continuous Process Development and Targeted Use of IT 

Our process experts help you analyze, optimize, and design your processes in the way that best suits your business. Learn about the different tools you can use to map and manage your processes and IT landscapes in a clear, understandable way. We are trained to detect your weak points so that we can advise you on where to seek IT support and what type of support is needed. We pave the way for comprehensive, holistic process management at your company – from the implementation and analysis of your processes all the way to realization and evaluation based on quantifiable process KPIs. 

Organisationsentwicklung und Befaehigung_Prozessmanagement
Organisationsentwicklung-und-Befaehigung_Agilitaet_Kanban Board

Agility – Recognize Potential and Change Your Mindset for the Better 

We all need answers to help us cope with the increasing complexity and rapidly changing environment of the market. Agile work can help increase your flexibility, productivity, and innovative potential. We help you to pinpoint where agility may stand to benefit your organization and how you can establish an agile mindset at your company. Over the course of your project or in workshops, training programs, or individual coaching sessions, we share our considerable expertise in agile working models and methods (such as Scrum, Kanban, and Design Thinking). Together, we explore the opportunities for agile management at your company and lay the groundwork for sustainable implementation. 

Manager and Employee Development – Merging Knowledge and Practice 

Integrating new company structures and processes always poses challenges for managers and employees. We provide you with practical knowledge and share our insight on digital and cultural change. We are there to guide you through challenging situations and help you firmly establish new methods of working and thinking throughout all levels of your organization. Throughout this process, we focus on the way your company handles uncertainty in an environment dominated by increasingly agile management concepts and guide your managers toward a new style of management. 


Company Development and Training

»A great introduction around the topic of agility and Scrum. Everyone especially enjoyed the mix of theory and practice. This allowed us to directly incorporate what we learned into the new company-wide program.«

Heiko Klostermann – Programm-Manager Digital Customer Experience,
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