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“New Work? Do you mean that city in the USA?”

The term “New Work” is no longer entirely new, but it is still not easy to survey all the facets and possibilities for one’s own company. Can it be used to solve problems such as employee turnover, a shortage of skilled workers or the challenges of mobile working? How does New Work pay off in terms of the company’s economic goals?

What added value does New Work offer?

You can find compact information on New Work in our factsheet.

Situations in which a look at New Work can be worthwhile

»All my employees switched to home office when the pandemic began. We want to continue to offer the option in order to be an attractive employer. What do we have to think about in this context?«

Situations in which a look at New Work can be worthwhile

»Now that some colleagues have returned to the office from home office, they feel disconnected from the new processes. What measures can we take to make not only virtual but also hybrid collaboration possible?«

Situations in which a look at New Work can be worthwhile

»In the future, we want to staff projects with employees from different departments. What do we have to keep in mind when setting up a new team and what possibilities are there for an open feedback and error culture?«

Situations in which a look at New Work can be worthwhile

»The demand for flexible working hours and locations is increasingly being brought to the attention of the HR department. How can we design concepts so that all colleagues can be given the necessary flexibility in their daily lives?«

Situations in which a look at New Work can be worthwhile

»As a manager, I feel like I’m losing control of my employees when they’re mostly working from home. What opportunities do I have to build new trust and be a good leader despite distance?«

Situations in which a look at New Work can be worthwhile

»We introduced MS Teams to create a good communication basis for all colleagues. How can we also use the other Office 365 components in such a way that we even save money in the end?«

Geschäftsmann am Bahnsteig

How does one implement New Work?

Together with you, we would like to tackle the current challenges regarding work culture and working methods. To this end, we offer individual solution packages and experienced companions for your journey towards new working environments.

Our consultants support you in,

  • demonstrating and bringing closer the potentials that New Work brings to your company
  • determining the location of your company with regard to the modern working world
  • defining the desired goal and deriving the resulting fields of action
  • recording your stages and milestones in a roadmap
  • and are a reliable travel companion with well-founded knowledge

Your possible flight plan with us

Packages tailored to your individual needs

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Module: New WorkShop

The »New WorkShop« offers participants a comprehensive overview of the topic »New Work«. From the very beginning, the focus is on your company or your industry. Together, we develop the necessary basics in a workshop format tailored to your needs, in order to then design an individual approach to establish new work approaches and worlds, and to define the necessary steps.

  • Definition of New Work and overview of the various dimensions
  • Recording the status quo of your company with regard to New Work
  • Identification of fields of action
  • Development of the New Work target picture
  • Development of the implementation plan of the New Work strategy with concrete, next steps and responsible persons

Module: New WorkShop & targeted assessment of needs

In addition to the basics of the »New WorkShop«, we will work with you to determine the specific needs of your company and match them with the needs and wishes of your employees. Based on the results of a survey, we develop tailored measures and help you draw up an implementation plan.

    • Formulation assumptions about the status quo of your company with regard to the New Work maturity level
    • Conception, execution and evaluation of a survey on the wishes and needs of your employees regarding the modern working environment
    • Comparison of the assumptions made with the results of the survey
    • Identification, clustering and prioritization of individual measures
    • Development of an implementation plan
    New Work Wir packen mit Ihnen
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    Module: Holistic New Work Implementation

    In addition to the milestones and lessons learned from the first two service modules, this package offers you comprehensive support from our New Work consultants during the implementation phase, accompanying you on the entire journey to new working environments. Together, we define the key figures for measuring the success of the measures and survey a target group selected by you at regular intervals for their feedback. As an impulse generator and sparring partner, we advise you individually throughout the entire transformation process according to your needs. If you need support during the change process, we will find a suitable solution for this as well.

    What you gain:

    • Definition and collection of measurable metrics to determine the success of the transformation, as well as subsequent adjustments of the metrics and measurement tools as required
    • Support in the implementation of your New Work strategy and exchange in regular status meetings and workshops
    • Conceptual and methodological sparring for the planning and execution of the defined implementation measures
    • Impulses and best practices from other companies and industries that have successfully implemented New Work
    • Accompanying, communicative support during the transformation phase (optional).

    Your path to new working environments and methods can take many different shapes. Together, we design this path individually based on the needs of your company – characteristics such as company size or number of employees do not play a role.

    Any questions? Our flyer with the most important facts about New Work will help you.


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