Strategy and Business Models

Get more out of digitalization opportunities, build your business strategically, or explore new paths

We help you identify the best digitalization opportunities for your company and shape your future with modern consulting methods and a wealth of experience. It is important to us to include your existing business strategy and to consider all aspects of digital transformation. That is also why we are dedicated to ensuring that you are prepared for a successful transformation – right from the beginning.

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Evaluate Your Digital Maturity

Do you want to know where you currently stand in the digitalization process? How do you prioritize digitalization in your strategy, culture, processes, and organization? And what about your digital products and services and the technology you use? We work with you to evaluate the digital maturity of your company and highlight potential to ensure the long-term success of your digitalization strategy. ​

Develop Sustainable Visions and Strategies​

Work with us to develop the right vision and digitalization strategy for your company and your environment, identify opportunities and risks, and focus on the areas worth investing in. We determine how you can shore up your existing business by adopting new technologies while opening the door to new perspectives.​
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Strategie und Geschaeftsmodelle_Neue Geschaeftsmodelle erschliessen_Drei Pfeile in verschiedene Richtrungen

Adopt New Business Models

Do you want to become more innovative and learn about how digitalization can safeguard your company or open up entirely new fields of business? We help you to analyze and develop your business model and brand promise and assist you in your feasibility studies.​

Confidently Implement Digitalization Measures

Once our customers have defined their vision, strategy, or new business model, many begin to ask similar questions: Can we get started with the implementation right away? And when those companies already have numerous other projects and initiatives on the docket. How do we set priorities and how will we ever manage it all? What is the best way to proceed? Who do we need to help us and what will the collaboration process look like?

We help you realize your goals by focusing on your strengths and working together with you to delineate a digitalization roadmap that you can use to set priorities and reach intermediate targets along the way.

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Strategy and Business Models

»The maturity workshops helped us build a shared image of the path to digitalization in our company. The results enabled us to direct our strategic focus toward the right topics.«

Kai Holsten – Commercial Manager
Gundlach Group



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