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The Retail Industry in Change

More than ever before, the retail industry is faced with the challenge of ensuring that it does not lose its existing customers and acquires new ones. This involves mastering both: the changes arising from within the industry itself – e.g., increased online trade – and the factors influencing it from outside – e.g., changed customer expectations of digital processes, new click & meet models, or new live chat product consultations from within the stores.

Often, there are already strategies in place to manage the specific challenges, but the operational transfer into everyday business is usually difficult. Initial initiatives fail, creating an additional hurdle to the needed changes.

We support you to be relevant for your customers of tomorrow and to be one step ahead of the competition.

Your Advantages Through our Transformational Solutions

Increase your Customer Retention with Transformational Products and Digital Touchpoints.

Transformational solutions are the link between your customers, your business model, the associated processes and your IT systems. They ensure that a continuous exchange takes place through interaction with the customer and that you achieve a more personalized approach based on the data thus obtained, which binds the customer more strongly to you from the first contact.

The following building blocks are central:

  • digital interaction channels
  • continuous interaction with your customers
  • seamless linking of your business model, your sales and distribution processes, and your IT systems
  • a personalized customer approach with help of increasing amounts of data

We ensure that your business models, retail processes and IT systems are seamlessly interconnected, enabling end-to-end customer-centric execution. We achieve this by implementing transformational solutions.

There are many examples of transformational solutions on the market – the Apple Watch including its ecosystem is one of them, but Amazon’s complete settlement handling also belongs to this area. Another example is customer apps that do not relate to a specialized area, but take into account the entire lifecycle of the customer.

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Why are our Solutions Special?

There are already a number of solutions for optimizing the customer experience in retail – but these sometimes are short because they focus exclusively on the customer process. However, a company – despite being customer-centric – has more than one dimension.

Our approach therefore follows a holistic view of the entire company in all its facets. The customer is at the center, but he can only be there if all other components mesh in a way that makes this possible.

Our experienced team is therefore composed in such a way that we accompany our customers from strategy, business models and customer journey to implementation, integration and rollout of individual solutions.

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