Make your children fit for the digital future!

by Dirk Bode |
Aug 31, 2017 |

Digitization is changing the world in a sustainable way. New digital technologies are entering the market at an ever-increasing rate, enabling a variety of new business models. Netflix and Co. have eliminated the video libraries, Uber puts the taxi industry under pressure, the hotel industry feels the breath of Airbnb breathing down its neck and the car industry is more afraid of Tesla, Google, Apple and others than of the usual and well-known competitors.

The cloud provides everyone with the necessary tools – computing power, memory, big data, artificial intelligence, etc. – right at home on the notebook or PC. The key to success is no longer having deep pockets for large infrastructure investments such as data centers, but rather fresh ideas and the right working culture. A few smart people with a strong vision can shake up industries and challenge what is already there. The necessary tools can be found at Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Co. for rent.

However, digitization holds one thing above all else: opportunities! At the moment, however, talent is already lacking. Across the country, it is not possible to fill vacancies for IT experts. And the schools? They are struggling honestly, but often overwhelmed by the digital pace of change. More than 50% of the teachers have not attended any digital content training in the last three years. This means that the digital future in Germany is not to be considered glorious.

We want to make a small contribution to inspiring children and young people for digital technologies. In our Digital-Camps, the young “digitizers” learn about robotics and app development, among other things, and learn in a playful way what potentials digital technologies can unleash. We hope that this will arouse the fascination for the courses of studies and professions related to digitization. Maybe in many years the successful founder of a German start-up has visited a Digital-Camp of ours, who knows 😉

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