My everyday life as a student at the fme

by Alessia Zappietro |
Jul 10, 2019 |

Monday morning, for some this is the agonizing beginning of the week and the work stress, for me this is the time of anticipation until I’m back at the fme office. Because when I go to the office in the morning; I’m already expected with a sweet smile and a “Hah, good that you’re there!”. For one or the other, these words may already scare the ToDo list. I, on the other hand, wonder what will happen this week…

So while I’m still thinking about all the adventures, I move slowly in the direction of the computer and again need tens of starts to type in the password correctly. After successfully completing the mission, I discuss today’s daily routine with my colleague. Once this is done, it goes to the preserves.

What are my tasks at fme AG?

I support the fme team in Hattersheim, especially two colleagues, which means that I can help out in different areas as well.

When I help one of my colleagues, I am almost involved in office management activities. This means: making purchases, taking care of the mail, printing and editing invoices, making bookings, looking after the company cars, etc. These activities help me a lot to develop my organizational skills, also promotes my independence and self-initiative which is valuable for my future.

However, if I work for my other colleague, then I dive into a piece of the world, which has animated me to study: Marketing!

Here I am even part of a larger project and may be involved in a key account event planning. My main task is to organize everything around the location. This includes, for example, contacting the organizer, scheduling appointments and visiting the location. Personally, this type of work pleases me, because event management has always interested me and I have always imagined something in this direction for my future.
In addition to the event planning, some marketing and sales activities are also part of my tasks, such as sending birthday cards to customers and/or preparing so-called “welcome packages”, entering new contacts in CRM and sufficient marketing material in the office to care.

It may be important to say that new tasks are added every day or even unusual activities occur. Every day is different and of course, the priorities shift.

Thus, my everyday life as a student at the fme is quite varied and it never gets boring.

The moment I suddenly see red curls out of the corner of my eye, I know that one of my colleagues is finally back from a meeting. Even though she actually had to come out of the tens of meetings and there is no reason to be in a good mood, she always manages to look as fresh as if she had just jumped out of a thermal bath. In addition, she takes the time to try to discuss everything in detail with me and to be as relaxed as possible. However, she not only manages to stay relaxed but also transfers her good mood and cheerfulness to me every time. It gives me the courage and gives me as much strength for the tasks that she assigns to me.
Although I have not been with fme that long, I am allowed to take on a lot of responsibility and it is even considered that I do the activities I like to do. So that I can not only learn a lot of valuable things about my studies but also do the activities that I enjoy the most.
Of course, there are also things that are routine and that I don’t always like to do, but I have to say that so far I have never been able to complain about my work here. Especially when I can listen to my colleagues discuss something exciting and I am wondering where the popcorn is?!

When the stomach growls

Around 12 o’clock it grumbles in all stomachs and slowly the crackers went out, which means: all power for shopping! Therefore, we go to the supermarket and collect what our hearts desire. The refrigerated shelves with salads and dressing always have to be careful. When we all finally sit in our kitchen and eat together, many stories are unpacked. Nevertheless, at some point, this also has an end and we go back to work. In the afternoon or evening, I leave the office with a smile, knowing well that I am safe here. My colleagues make me feel like a part of the team, whether as a youngster or a marketing student. We are so many different characters and among us colleagues, we not only talk about work-related but about private things. Everybody draws something here, which makes him special in his own way. Let us be honest: No day is like the other. We are a small family and everyone looks after each other. That is why Friday feels like the weekend.

So I can only say: It’s fme I love to work with!


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