Well, when did you learn the last time?

by Ria Gebert |
Mar 23, 2017 |

Hmmhm, let’s think about it. Maybe for the driver’s licence? Or was it the ITIL exam four years ago? Or the Scrum Master test?

Yet, we’re learning every day – especially in times of digitalization where dynamic changes in our work environment are a daily occurrence and regular software updates, new policies and processes recurrently change our operational procedures. These circumstances make it necessary to combine modern forms of learning and to integrate them in our work life – one concept of how this could look like is the 70:20:10 model.

70:20:10 – What does it stand for?

The 70:20:10 learning concept focuses on the aspect that learning is not to be seen as detached but as integrated part of our daily work.

Accordingly, we learn

  • 70 percent through challenges, difficult tasks and practical experiences that we make in our day-to-day work.
  • 20 percent through our work environment and significantly through our superiors while we are looking over their shoulders.
  • 10 percent through conventional further education like seminars, specialist literature, e-learning, etc.

Therefore, learning works best if it is based on a special situation and need and if you have to solve a particular problem.

A good example is Excel – normally, we only need a small percentage of the endless functions it offers to deal with your day-to-day work.  Without a context to our work, knowledge about the endless amount of functions taught to us e.g. in a day-training conducted as lecture, would only have little durability. After all, the human organism tends to forget formally acquired knowledge quickly, if it is not used regularly. It is much more effective to look up the relevant information as soon as a problem occurs.

It’s about the mix

The 70:20:10 learning concept therefore provides a guiding principle on how digital era learning forms can be combined to achieve maximum learning success for the employee. Tools like a social business collaboration platform or a wiki help facilitate informal learning and support the exchange between colleagues and experts. Requirement for this is that a learning culture, which is open and integrated into the work, is established in the company.

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