LivePerson (NASDAQ: LPSN) is a global leader in trustworthy and equal AI for business. Hundreds of the world’s leading brands — including HSBC, Chipotle, and Virgin Media — use their Conversational Cloud platform to engage with millions of consumers safely and responsibly. LivePerson power nearly a billion conversational interactions every month, providing a uniquely rich data set and safety tools to unlock the power of Generative AI and Large Language Models for better business outcomes.  Website

LivePerson and fme

The LivePerson-fme partnership brings together two Generative AI and digital transformation pioneers to secure the future viability of business models by ensuring reliable, sustainable and state of the art customer communication. Key benefits to brands include:

  • Stronger customer relationships and higher customer lifetime value
  • Up to 10x better conversion rates
  • Reduced service and support costs while offering 24/7 capabilities
  • Intelligent, secure and automated customer interaction tools
  • Fully integrated in your business processes, data and IT infrastructure

The fme partnership builds on LivePerson’s EAI approach, aimed at making the power of Generative AI accessible in an equal manner, safe for Enterprise standards, and available to everyone.

»The Partnership with LivePerson is a perfect match. On the one hand, with Conversation AL, fme fills a gap in its Digital Experience Management framework; on the other hand, fme’s BI, Analytics and Cloud capabilities help clients get the most out of their LivePerson platform. In addition, fme’s Business Transformation Services give clients not only a technology perspective on Conversational AI but help them to make the next step in their business.«, Daniel Pelke, Member of Executive Board.


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