AWS Cost Management

Understand and reduce your monthly AWS bill!

Our AWS-certified architects help you save costs in the long run with consultation and proprietary tools.

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Keeping track

Are you already using AWS services or are you currently planning to bring workloads onto AWS?
Do you have significant month-over-month cost increases for AWS cloud services?
Do you need to identify and optimize the biggest cost drivers?
Would you like to have the most accurate upfront cloud cost estimates for new application creation or migration?

Then you are absolutely in the right place with us!
Our experts provide you with an overview of the various AWS cost structures in a short time and identify individual savings potentials and optimizations in the use of your AWS services for your project. Benefit from our experience and our tools.

Our Method

  • Cost Analysis: Identify AWS Services with highest cost share
  • Cost optimization: fme best practices checklist with potential savings for AWS services (focus on the biggest cost drivers)
  • Cost monitoring: notification when defined cost limits and anomalies are exceeded

On average, we achieve savings potentials with our clients that range from 10 % to more than 50 %.

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Our Services Offering

  • AWS cost planning for new projects
    • Cost estimation for migration to the cloud and creation of decision guidelines
    • Estimate of costs when scaling the project (more content/ traffic/ users/ regions, security measures)
  • AWS cost analysis for ongoing projects
    • Breakdown into the main cost items
    • Identify biggest cost drivers
  • Optimize AWS costs with cost optimizations for almost every single service
    • Multiple savings measures (depending on use case) possible per AWS service 
    • Categorization of measures according to effort and savings potentials
  • Cost optimized architecture proposal
    • For new projects, concept is created cost-efficiently
    • Adaptation of the architecture in ongoing projects for cost optimization 
  • Implementation of cost monitoring with automatic notification and definition of measures

Your Benefit

  • Identification of your key cost drivers and approaches for cost optimization
  • Improved cost transparency of the AWS services you use
  • Additional features: e.g.: Automatic notification of unexpected cost increases and anomalies

Client Quote

»fme AG helped us to better understand the cost composition of our productive AWS architecture and to identify key levers for optimization. Together we went through a concrete catalog of measures for our services and were able to work out a monthly savings potential of more than 30%.«

Don’t waste time. Start using your AWS resources as efficiently as possible!

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AWS Expertise

As an AWS Select Partner, we help you identify the right services or combination of services for you – whether your workload is covered by servers and storage alone, whether your business hinges on international availability, or whether you need to analyze large volumes of data with machine learning tools and algorithms.

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I'm here to help

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Timo Gutstein
Managing Consultant