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AWS Cloud Computing

Cloud – The Top Choice for Companies

The cloud has evolved into a flexible solution capable of meeting a range of demands for different companies. Storage and computing solutions are just the beginning; indeed, the cloud has become the top choice for companies when it comes to applications of all kinds, sizes, criticality levels, and functions as well as for big data and analytics solutions, artificial intelligence, IoT, and many other services. 

AWS as a Leader for Innovative Cloud Technologies

Amazon in particular, through its subsidiary Amazon Web Services (AWS), has cornered a large section of this market, and its innovative approaches have made it a leader among cloud providers. One special aspect of AWS Cloud Services is that it provides the IT underpinning the trade and logistics business of its parent company, Amazon. All AWS services have passed the “Black Friday test,” meaning that they meet the very strictest standards for performance and cost-effectiveness. AWS’ 200 different cloud services provide customers with a wealth of opportunity to explore machine learning services and/or Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, ultimately helping propel companies toward their digital transformation. 

AWS Cloud Technologien

AWS Solutions

Migrationen in die Cloud

Our AWS Portfolio

  • Cloud migration and container platforms (Kubernetes)
  • DevOps and CloudOps (infrastructure as code and CI/CD automation, monitoring, AWS managed services)
  • Serverless Fullstack
  • Machine learning (process automation, predictive and prescriptive maintenance)
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AWS Expertise

As an AWS Select Partner, we help you identify the right services or combination of services for you – whether your workload is covered by servers and storage alone, whether your business hinges on international availability, or whether you need to analyze large volumes of data with machine learning tools and algorithms. 

  • 2017 – Second Prize IoT Button Contest, AWS Summit Berlin (ISV Forum)
  • 2018 – AWS Summit Berlin: Speaker slot: Alexa and machine learning use case (innovative legacy systems with ML)
  • 2018 – AWS Community Days Frankfurt, Machine Learning Category: Speaker slot: Innovation of legacy systems with ML


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