Design your first AWS cloud application! We’ll show you how it’s done.

This half-day, in-house workshop offers you fundamental background information on the potential of the AWS Cloud. Work with us to develop a concrete approach to handling the solutions and architecture of your use case.

AWS Do It Yourself Workshop

DIY Workshop for Your AWS Project

Amazon Web Services (AWS) now offers around 200 different cloud services – and a world of possibilities. It can be a challenge just keeping track of them all. There are different approaches for each use case. Learn which solutions are best for you, and identify the factors you need to take into account when making your choice.

Which approach is best for my company? What factors influence that decision, and what things do I need to consider? What would the ideal project look like?

We’ll show you how it’s done.

The Method

  • Half-day, currently only remote (4 hours)
  • Our AWS-certified architects are bringing their considerable expertise on board 
  • As the participant, you are asked to share your requirements, interests, and/or challenges

Our AWS-certified architects accompany you through the workshop, answer your questions, and develop a solution approach to meet your needs.

AWS Do It Yourself Workshop - Die Methode

Workshop Content

  • Service overview and clusters in AWS – essential vs. nice to have
  • Typical cloud scenarios and standards for different use cases
    • Migration of existing applications to the cloud
    • Implementation of cloud applications
    • New and expanded business models
    • Global use cases
  • Hands-on: We work together to design your first cloud application, then create and run your application live 
  • Automation as the key to success in infrastructure and software development
  • Cloud wording: What do the terms cloud native, CI/CD, DevOps, and serverless mean?
  • Costs: The AWS Cloud isn’t free. Learn about a range of cost-effective combinations

How You Benefit

  • Learn fundamental background information on the potential of the AWS Cloud
  • Develop a concrete approach for handling the solutions and architecture of your use case
  • Use the results of the workshop to start an internal dialog at your company

Feedback from Workshop Participants

»In the AWS workshop with fme, we spoke in depth about the challenges of operating enterprise applications in the AWS cloud and discussed a range of approaches for solutions. fme’s comprehensive expertise with AWS and their knowledge of our processes and requirements helped us achieve our goal.«
(Sandro Goetze, IT Infrastructure Services, Sixt SE)

AWS Do It Yourself Workshop - Nutzen


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