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Are you ready to implement your own private instance of ChatGPT? Developed by fme – with privacy and data security in mind!


What does fmeGPT do?

Features of fmeGPT

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What is fmeGPT?

fmeGPT File Manager

What is fmeGPT?

On the one hand fmeGPT is your own instance of GPT, and on the other hand it is a ready to use platform to integrate your own knowledgebase.

  • Hosted privacy compliant
  • Protection of your internal data
  • Roles and rights concept
  • Can be integrated into applications like MS Teams, Whatsapp or other parts of your application landscape

Watch fmeGPT demo

Tobias Sell, our Lowcode and AI Expert, explains how fmeGPT works.

Use Cases

How fmeGPT helps your company

We are currently looking for Partners to enhance fmeGPT for the following use-cases. If you are interested, let us know.

Company knowledge in your pocket with fmeGPT

Imagine having all the information you need for work right in your pocket. Thanks to fmeGPT, this is now a reality. And the best part? You don’t even need to download a new app.

Why Whatsapp?
Whatsapp is already an integral part of many people’s daily lives. So why not use this platform to interact with your company?

What is fmeGPT?
fmeGPT is a specially developed chatbot that allows you to chat directly with company knowledge. Ask questions, get instructions, and much more — all directly through Whatsapp.

On-Demand Procedures
Whether it’s setting up a new tool or querying specific company policies — fmeGPT has the answer. Just ask a question, and the answer appears right in your Whatsapp chat.

More Than Just Information
But wait, there’s even more! fmeGPT can even run reports for you. Simply ask about your current work hours, and you get an instant overview.

Our AI Team

The guys behind fmeGPT

Torben Bruns
Tobia Sell
Aaron Morva

Torben Bruns
AI Specialist

Tobias Sell
Lowcode & AI

Aaron Morva
AI Integrator

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I’m looking forward to your request.

Tobias Sell
Principal Consultant