Business XR (Extended Reality)

Transforming Customer and Employee Engagement through Spatial Computing

Business XR harnesses the power of spatial computing to create interactive, immersive experiences, for customers enhancing engagement and decision-making. For employees on the other hand, it offers advanced virtual collaboration tools, enabling teams to interact in real-time across the globe, fostering greater innovation and productivity.

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What is Business XR and how does it help me?

Business XR means to enhance your customer and employee experiences and journeys by adding virtual and augmented reality elements enabling them to interact differently and more efficiently.

Business XR offers a transformative approach to collaboration, product demonstration, and breaking geographical boundaries. It does not only improve collaboration efficiency but also fosters a sense of physical togetherness through virtual shared project rooms and onboarding experiences. Companies can use XR to vividly demonstrate and explain complex products enhancing customer engagement and understanding. The technologies behind Business XR allow to virtually eliminate geographical limitations, enabling global customer reach and customer base expansion, all while fostering a sense of proximity.

Simultaneously, XR makes global hiring more effective, fostering a stronger connection to the company’s ethos and team for remote employees, as the immersive environment facilitates better onboarding and training.

The innovative concept of virtual showrooms, offices, project rooms and training classes has evolved to become a reality, creating a ubiquitous presence. This offers a competitive advantage and makes you stand out of the crowd.

In essence, Business XR not only enhances your customer journey and employee experience, but it fundamentally reshapes business operations on a global scale.

The Benefits of Business XR

Spatial Computing

The fme Quick Check – What is Business XR NOT about?

Business XR only works, when the realized uses case is beneficial and integrates into your business. Just using virtual or augmented reality elements for the purpose of XR is mindless and should be stopped right at the beginning. We use a simple first check to see if a use case is worth investigating further.
fme Business XR Experience

Our fme Use Cases

Business XR can be used in various ways and fme offers several out of the box solutions which can be implemented easily.
Have these use cases inspired you? Please feel free to contact us to discuss the feasibility.

Your Path to Meaningful Business XR Solutions with fme

In order to implement a successful Business XR experiences we use our fme framework that leads you through the process from first idea to sustainable implementation and integration in your organization.
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Initial Orientation Meeting and Quick Check

In this 45 minute session we can openly discuss and exchange ideas on Business XR and use the fme Business XR Quick Check to see if and how we can leverage your business. 

You can directly book a meeting with me! 

»Seeing is Believing« – Business XR Experience

A first workshop for you and your team to experience the possibilities of Business XR. We will bring all the hardware and software you need so you and your team can just enjoy the journey into VR.
Organisationsentwicklung-und-Befaehigung_Kulturelle-Transformation_Würfel mit Aufschrift Change
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Use Case and Business Integration Workshop

Based on the former meetings and workshops we do will a deep dive to detail your Business XR experience and goals you want to achieve. During this workshop we will discuss and deep dive into all relevant dimensions of the former quick check. The result will be a comprehensive decision paper and project plan.

MVP Development

We will realize your Business XR use case as MVP in an agile team and frequent feedback loops with your target group. Depending on your preferences we can provide the full realization team, or we integrate into your organization and build a joint team. As well as the development team we can also provide the necessary process and project management services.
Organisationsentwicklung-und-Befaehigung_Kulturelle-Transformation_Würfel mit Aufschrift Change
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Scale and Integrate

After a successful MVP launch more features and use cases will be added. In addition, we will take care that the new use cases and technologies are maintained and integrated into your IT as well as your organization. During this phase we will provide the necessary IT, Change Management and Enablement services.

»Seeing is Believing« – Business XR Experience

How something feels can hardly be explained by words.

Therefore, we have created a unique »Seeing is Believing« – Business XR Experience, enabling you and your team to get in touch with XR and we will walk you through some of the most common use cases like team meetings, workshops or VR presentation halls.

In addition, we have created an accompanying program of key notes and workshop elements granting a team event like character peppered with innovative presentations on the most current topics like AI.

fme Business XR Experience - SIB
So let’s get started with your Business XR Experience!


Business XR Experience

My personal Taxonomy of "the Metaverse"​

First our author was totally lost when he heard about the metaverse at the beginning. So he created his personal cluster of all the information he had for his personal peace of mind. As this helped him to get a better understanding he just wanted to share it.


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