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Few business areas are currently experiencing more change: omnipresent megatrends such as CASE (Connectivity, Autonomous, Shared Mobility & Electrification) are having an immense impact on the future of automotive retail.The focus on mobility instead of ownership, the direct business of OEMs to customers, changing technological conditions (e.g., battery-powered and connected vehicles), the entry of new competitors such as UBER, declining brand loyalty, or service-oriented business models such as Mobility as a Service threaten the formerly secure position of the company’s own automobile as the number one means of transportation.
The automotive trade has been, is, and will continue to be faced with the task of acting as a central point of contact with the customer and fulfilling this role as best as possible.
Panoff Consulting can assist you in this regard with a unique blend of cross-value chain industry expertise to address any need for action.

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