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Braunschweig - June 22, 2024 : In order to continuously improve the quality of its services and products and to be an attractive employer for its employees, fme conducts client and employee satisfaction surveys at regular intervals. The results are processed, analyzed and become the subject of annual management workshops.

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According to the vision “Your partner for digital transformation. It’s fme you love to work with.” the key success factor and most important metric for fme as a service company is client and employee satisfaction.

“As part of a strategy relaunch in 2013, we put client and employee satisfaction at the heart of our strategy. We firmly believe that the important metrics of revenue and profitability are functions of employee and client satisfaction,” explains Dirk Bode, CEO of fme.

Learn more about how our vision is aligned with our regular client and employee surveys in this video

Within the fme group, it is precisely defined which scheme is to be used for the different surveys, who is responsible for evaluating the respective feedback and when the response is to be given to the client or employee. The frequency varies – the client surveys take place either quarterly or semi-annually, in the product area once a year. The employee survey is also conducted annually. Following each survey, the feedback goes to the relevant teams, who are responsible for sifting through the individual results and taking care of the follow-up.

“In addition, we meet with the global management team once a year for a workshop. The individual survey results are categorized in advance by all workshop participants to evaluate whether there are recurring patterns for both positive and negative feedback and then prepared accordingly for the global workshop. We will then look at the most frequently mentioned topics, discuss where we see a need for action, jointly derive appropriate measures and determine who is responsible for completing the individual tasks,” adds Tina Lenitzki, Marketing Director at fme and responsible for the global client survey process.

fme group Management Team at the annual global workshop 2023

These measures have already been implemented based on client and employee feedback

  • Based on client feedback from last year on the topic of communication, the template for the project kick-off with clients was revised to ensure that there was a uniform consensus for the vision of the planned solution after the meeting.
  • A year earlier, the video “fme – The Story Behind our Vision” was created as a post-workshop measure, explaining how the topic of client and employee surveys relates to our vision.
  • Following up feedback on the topic of Technical Expertise, the training and certification budget for our staff was increased to stay aligned with the very high skill and competency requirements from our clients.
  • In another year, an internal training on expectation management was created following the workshop to better customize our services to our clients.

About fme

Digitalization enables new ways of dealing with existing businesses and creates totally new business models. We believe in the opportunities of digital transformation and love to help our clients worldwide maintain and create competitive businesses with business consulting and technology services. Our devoted consultants optimize or challenge our clients’ business models through existing and new technologies and advise them on the necessary cultural change in their company. Cloud, Business Intelligence, Collaboration and Enterprise Content Management technologies in combination with custom software development and the ability to operate our clients’ systems 24×7 help us to add value to our clients’ transformation process.

The industry focus lies on solutions for life sciences, industrial manufacturing and financial services. To this effect, we provide vendor independent consulting services. Our teams in Germany, the United States and Romania are experienced in managing global projects and also grant access to our cost-effective near-shore resources where advisable.

For 25 years, renowned corporations like Boehringer Ingelheim, BMW, CSL Behring, Debeka, EagleBurgmann, Merck, Sanofi-Aventis, Volkswagen and Volkswagen Financial Services have relied on our experience and competence. We are a privately held company and have enjoyed uninterrupted and profitable growth over the years resulting in a comfortable shareholder equity rate.