fme sponsors five Ukraine shuttles

Brunswick - June 22, 2024 : The Braunschweig-based IT service provider fme AG is participating in the campaign of the Heinemann car rental company and sponsoring the trip of five Ukraine shuttles. The organization Freie Ukraine Braunschweig e. V. uses these 9-seater minibuses to rescue refugees from the crisis area.

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The news about the ongoing war and the numerous pictures of people fleeing from their homes in Ukraine dominate the daily news. Various charity and donation campaigns have also started in the region, such as the “UKRAINE-SHUTTLE” campaign of the Braunschweig car rental company Heinemann. fme is sponsoring five vehicles, which Heinemann is offering at cost price of 599.00 Euros including sales tax.
“The current situation of the large number of refugees makes us deeply concerned. This rescue campaign inspires us – the help is provided promptly and directly where it is needed,” explains Dirk Bode, CEO of fme AG.

By sponsoring five trips of around 3,000 km, which are undertaken by dedicated volunteers, fme is making a small contribution to bringing refugees from the Ukrainian border to safe places in Braunschweig and the surrounding area.

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