Predictive Analytics

Know about future scenarios and use that insight to secure a competitive advantage

Predictive analytics refers to the process of forecasting future events based on existing data and given parameters. This process incorporates techniques from the fields of data mining, predictive modeling, and machine learning. Predictive analytics poses the question, “What will happen?” and enables decision makers to predict events and rapidly adapt their decisions in a timely manner, for example by allocating resources for specific objectives.

Predictive Analytics - Predicting future scenarios

Predicting future scenarios​ ​

We use predictive analytics to leverage source data from a range of systems, allowing us to model trends in specific KPIs and thereby predict future scenarios. With this method, you can use your existing data, such as CRM data, for example, to predict company sales. This way, you are primed to make proactive changes for your company in a timely manner. Predictive analytics saves you time by helping your company adapt to meet market demands with agility and focus, giving you a clear advantage over the competition.

Data analysis and forecasts based on scientifically proven processes​ ​

We use structured, scientifically proven processes to analyze data and create forecasting models. This is the only way to ensure results can be validated transparently, so that they can be compared with a range of analytical models, achieving the best possible outcomes for your company. Oftentimes, algorithms are viewed as “black boxes” which do not inspire trust in the results they generate. Our processes focus on transparent results and ultimately garner long-term trust and acceptance.
Predictive Analytics - Datenanalyse und Prognosen Kreislauf


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