Virtual Business Assistant in the Cloud

Making your business cases 3D, interactive, and intelligent

The seamless integration of 3D, chatbot, machine learning, and data services allows users to focus their energy on the technical design of the digital assistant systems, creating effective systems for complex business scenarios in no time at all.

Quickfacts. Virtual Business Assistant (VBA)

The Virtual Business Assistant is an avatar (or multiple avatars) based on a 3D service from Amazon Web Services (AWS). The VBA can be fully integrated into all AWS services, enabling users to visualize and customize a wide range of business scenarios and use cases and display these in numerous different languages and gestures. Ready-to-use machine learning services make the system intelligent. A system’s ability to recognize individual people or adjust its behavior to suit individual situations dramatically increases the interactivity and acceptance of these types of systems. Create scenes, environments, and highly responsive, animated avatars capable of a wide range of gestures and continuous learning – all tailored to the needs of your company and use case.

Possible Application Areas

  • Innovative, interactive reception and waiting rooms with individualized behaviors and dialog options in different languages
  • Information systems and product displays in sales and marketing, available for your customers on-site or online
  • Information systems and product displays in sales and marketing, available for your customers on-site or online
  • Create virtual twins of real world objects in 3D environments and simulations
  • Guidance systems for your company buildings
Virtual BUsiness Assistant
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Our Offer

Based on your business scenarios and use cases we create your Virtual Business Assistant. Integrate the digital assistant system in your daily operations without any changes to your IT infrastructure. Take advantage of our expertise and dominate the competition through targeted use of innovative technologies!

Added Value for You

  • Increase employee productivity
  • Improve communication with employees and customers
  • Impress your customers by offering them a new kind of interaction
  • Create 3D simulations of your products

For more information on the Virtual Business Assistant and other topics, such as cloud services and machine learning, download our data sheet and contact us any time.

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