Cloud Strategy and Business Consultation

No matter how you embark upon your journey to the cloud, we help make sure you are properly prepared by simplifying complex decisions, helping you make the right choices, and establishing a basis for continuous monitoring and adjustment. We also help you understand how to handle these new changes as a company.

AWS Do-IT-Yourself-Workshop

Cloud Basics

Together we determine which services package or combination of packages is right for you, highlight how cloud technologies can complement, optimize, or even replace your existing IT structures, and select the best, most cost-effective solution for your needs.

Public Cloud Vendors

Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) each offer a wide array of infrastructure components, but the major differences between them are the additional services offered by each provider. We help you choose the best provider for your business based on your current needs and the known demands of your company going forward – whether your workload is covered by servers and storage alone, whether your business hinges on international availability, or whether your needs extend to data analytics, handling large volumes of data, machine learning, or IoT.

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Cloud Infrastruktur

Cloud Infrastructure

The trend toward digitalization confronts companies with demands that many data centers are unprepared to handle. Downsize your data center and flexibly scale your operation to meet your needs. We help deconstruct entire systems, transfer them to the cloud, and get them operating as independent, cloud-based systems.

AWS Cost Management

Monthly invoices are likely an important topic for you as a customer
If you were to combine all of AWS different cloud services, international regions, commission models, and volume-based discounts, that would add up over one million different prices. And those prices only apply to the services themselves and don’t include the cost of finding the right service or combination of services for your use case, developing intelligent use concepts in the AWS Cloud, or professional use of the available pricing tools. We help you better understand your AWS invoice and optimize costs by implementing the right tools and concepts.

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