Cloud Technology Consultation and Implementation

Take advantage of our six years of experience in cloud projects for both the enterprise segment and high-end mid-market companies. We offer practical expertise and in-depth technical knowledge in all areas of cloud technology.

AWS Do-IT-Yourself-Workshop

Many different solutions can lead to the cloud! 

There is already a wealth of services from both hyperscalers, such as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, as well as a growing number of other players. These offerings provide solutions to almost any use case imaginable, and on top of that, the wide array of services, each of which offers different configuration and combination options, allows for a range of different integration concepts and opens up new possibilities for both hybrid and multicloud approaches.

We specialize in keeping track of all the options and finding the right combination based on the needs and specifications of our customers.

Data Lake Architectures

Focus on Your Business, Not on Technology
In the future, the success of a company will depend on the extent to which its processes are data-driven. An ever larger and more diverse pool of data is available to help companies optimize their existing processes and business models and build entirely new ones. Data lakes are the perfect technical platforms to do this – indeed they lay the foundation for building data-driven companies.

AWS and Microsoft Azure, the two market leaders in cloud technology, provide the perfect technical solutions to help you along the way. AWS and Azure offer an automatic setup process so that data lakes can be made available in just a short time. These data lakes meet all the necessary technical specifications to facilitate targeted processing and use of all types of data for every imaginable use case. The technologies of these two providers are so firmly established in a range of industries around the globe that they are already being referred to as the industry standard for data lakes.

Companies no longer have to worry about selecting, procuring, and building their own data lake infrastructure, and up-front investments are a thing of the past. The whole infrastructure can be completed in just a few hours, after which companies can begin integrating their own data sources, aggregating and processing data, provisioning data catalogs, and implementing their use cases. The first utilizable use cases can be completed in a few days.  

The data lake products of the two hyperscalers, AWS and Azure, are also leaders in security, compliance, and cost-effectiveness.  

At fme, our AWS and Azure-certified consultants bring their years of technical and specialist expertise to the table to help you lay the groundwork for your successful future as a data-driven business.  

Automatisierung CI/CD

Automation (CI/CD, IaC)

Organizations are coming to rely more heavily on their ability to deliver and operate software systems in order to achieve their goals. That means IT operations are being confronted with new challenges all the time. Automation has becoming a popular tool to help companies optimize their IT operations. Take advantage of our expertise and benefit from best practices on your journey to a fully automated environment. We offer support in the following areas:


  • Infrastructure as Code (IaC)
  • Continuous Integration and Delivery (CI/CD)
  • Platform operations
  • Monitoring
  • Data Lake

Migration to the Cloud

Are you currently facing the challenge of deciding whether you want or need to migrate your legacy applications to the cloud? Naturally, you don’t want to compromise on performance or lose data, and on top of that, your users need to be able to continue their work seamlessly. Do you want to cut costs and save on resources while taking full advantage of the benefits of cutting-edge technology? We are happy to put our expert knowledge to work for you!
Cloud Infrastruktur


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