Migration to the Cloud –The Right Way!

Benefit from flexibility and cost optimization

Migration in die Cloud - Der richtige Weg!

Rehosting, replatforming, refactoring, lift and shift, or application transformation – what does it all mean?

These models all ultimately refer to the process of migrating applications from the existing IT landscape to a scalable, secure cloud platform.

Are you currently facing the challenge of deciding whether you want or need to migrate your legacy applications to the cloud? Naturally, you don’t want to compromise on performance or lose data, and on top of that, your users need to be able to continue their work seamlessly. Do you want to cut costs and save on resources while taking full advantage of the benefits of cutting-edge technology? Take advantage of our technical expertise and benefit from flexibility and cost optimization. Together, we will find the perfect, balanced way to achieve your cloud objectives.

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Our Solution for You

Work with us to catalyze a cultural change that ensures the success of your replatforming project. We guide you through all the phases, working with all departments along the way, and help you make the switch to agile development methods. Data lake approaches are replacing traditional data warehouses, and these approaches require agile working methods. We help you select the right providers for your needs, offer access to our knowledge and experts that you can use to get ahead in your field, and work with you to attain lasting benefits for your company.

Benefits of switching to the cloud

  • Accelerate processes and optimize existing applications
  • Develop sustainable applications and boost quality through automation
  • Increase user comfort by reducing downtime
  • Higher security through governance and transparency
  • Cut costs and save time
  • High availability and self-healing
  • Elastic scalability to meet your needs
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Why Choose fme as Your Technology Partner?

Our portfolio extends from digital transformation, cloud-native software development, and DevOps/CloudOps all the way to cloud migration of applications. We offer you practical support at all technological levels.

Our strength lies in our years of experience with cloud-related topics, particularly PaaS and IaaS. We are authentic and agile, and we love a good challenge! We bring our industry expertise and our professional consultation and implementation skills to bear in our customer projects and ultimately help you achieve your replatforming and cloud-related objectives. Renowned clients from around the globe place their trust in our expertise.

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Redefine the scope of your organization. Contact us to find out how you, too, can benefit from more flexibility and cost optimization through replatforming!


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