OpenText Documentum Client Strategy

The right client technologies for your applications

AWS Alexa und OpenText Documentum

Multiple Web Client Alternatives

Many OpenText Documentum customers are faced with the challenge of selecting the right next generation web-based Documentum application to replace their outdated webtop client. Aside from the D2 and xCP clients, both of which offer numerous advantages, additional client alternatives are available as well.

Step Away From the Highly Customized Webtop

But how can you replace a highly customized webtop client with modern technology in the future? Aside from the challenges posed by new technologies, the lack of customizability in the available standard clients can be difficult to handle. While the webtop offered innumerable customization options, the new clients are based on a highly configurative design. This significantly reduces implementation costs, but has a limited range of options and is therefore not suited to every type of application.

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Next Generation Documentum Upgrade Assessment

Make the Right Selection

In our projects, we have determined that the evaluation of client technologies often poses a major challenge for companies. They must attempt to reconcile the often contradictory requirements of IT with those of the users from other departments. Our OpenText Documentum Client Strategy Evaluation consultation package helps you select the right client technology for your company.

Datasheet Next Generation Documentum Upgrade Assessment

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