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User-Friendly Interface

Fast and easy access to all necessary information is key, especially with a large platform such as OpenText Documentum. OpenText specially developed the web-based Documentum D2 Client to include a cutting-edge, user-friendly interface equipped to meet users’ growing demands.

OpenText offers two variants designed to appeal to different user types.

D2 Classic

The D2 Classic is the traditional, widget-based D2 client. The widget and workspace concept allows each user to set up their own personalized view, optimized for the tasks they need to complete. Thanks to modern Web 2.0 technologies (XML, JSON, ExtJS, Ajax), the new D2 client is setting standards in comfort and performance.

OpenText Documentum D2 Classic
OpenText Documentum D2 smartView

D2 Smart View

The D2 Smart View is a new client based on the tile-based OpenText design. The current version is best suited for users who generally focus on standard tasks, such as searching, viewing, and importing documents. Users responsible for more complex tasks are currently better served by D2 Classic. However, the interface allows users to switch between the two clients.

D2 For Your Business Application

Gerne zeigen wir Ihnen, wie Sie von den neuen D2 Fähigkeiten profitieren. Begeistern Sie Ihre Anwender mit einem modernen Client und senken gleichzeitig Administrationskosten und Projektlaufzeiten. Haben Sie bereits eine bestehende Webtop-Anwendung?

We are happy to demonstrate how you benefit from the new D2 capabilities. Wow your users with a cutting-edge client while lowering administrative costs and cutting project times. Do you already have a webtop application? We help you evaluate the specific advantages of switching to D2. Simply use our free assessment.

OpenText Documentum D2


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