Hands on InfoArchive Search Forms Building – Search Composition Enhancements in InfoArchive 16EP5

by Rafik Mankarious |
Sep 26, 2019 |

Building a search form in older versions of InfoArchive was very painful specially when building searches for linked tables (Table-based archiving). Finally, InfoArchive 16EP4 release and higher added many search composition enhancements such as:

  • Ability to see column properties like Data Type, Encrypted Field, Export Enablement, Filter Enablement, Sorting and Hidden column during composition.
  • Simplified nested search mapping and multiple set support
    • Repeating attribute support
    • Operator support and nested search visibility
  • Derive from list-multi select control as a target.
  • New data types support FLOAT, BIGDECIMAL, and BIGINTEGER.

Also, InfoArchive 16EP5 release added new search composition enhancements such as:

  • Search Category assignment
  • AIC/Schema based search template filtering
  • Side and Inline panel tab layout configuration
  • Column‐based filtering based on the local time zone
  • Nest search tooltip configuration
  • Nested search configuration for content view
  • xProc transformation

Search Run‐time Enhancements in InfoArchive 16EP5 release:

  • Background search cancellation
  • Reset search form
  • Category based search organization
  • Column‐based filtering based on the local time zone

The ePaper below describes in detail how to build search forms (for both Single and multiple Search Fields) and explains the Nested Search feature (using “Order Management” sample application packaged with InfoArchive 16EP5). Hope you can read it better that way!

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