Learning to let go: Lighter with decommissioning and archiving

by Antje Dwehus |
Feb 5, 2021 |

Minimalism is a trend nowadays and organizing consultants like Marie Kondo and their decluttering methods have thousands of followers that are eager to learn how to discard of unnecessary items. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marie_Kondo). Who among us hasn’t thought about living in a Tiny House for a little while which seems so much more manageable than the daily chaos in many average households?

The fact is, in today’s world of information overload and complexity, many people wish for more simplicity – in their private lives, but also in the office. This desire for simplicity makes perfect sense.

The satisfying feeling of relief we have when the garage is finally cleared out and our old furniture has been disposed of at the local dump. We can also achieve this in our working lives, if we allow ourselves to let go of old and obsolete stuff.

Identify unnecessary items and get rid of them without compromises

At fme we ask ourselves – and that is every single employee – on a regular basis: What is there we could get rid of? Is there anything that we don’t really need anymore? Why do we have that and who is actually using it and for what purpose? This includes processes, entire systems and goes all the way down to single documents.

Then to be honest, what is the benefit of old pricelists or slide-decks from 15 years ago? And who needs to review discussions in a forum concerning issues in systems that we have stopped using a long time ago?

More is often less! This wisdom applies at work too.

If one simply does nothing, the problem gets bigger and originally well-intentioned possibilities for document and knowledge exchange become a problem because it is no longer clear what is correct and up-to-date. Instead of being able to make quick decisions, employees invest a lot of time checking the information they find and analyzing its relevance. At the same time, obsolete information also causes costs and negatively impacts the company’s IT systems. In the worst case, it even poses a compliance risk.

It is therefore worthwhile as a company to do regular digital spring cleaning and to find the courage to let go and delete. This must be done in an orderly way, such as taking into account the legal requirements and the company’s goals.

Tidy up in a controlled manner with the help of an expert

Our team ‘Decommissioning and archiving’ supports you in retiring IT applications professionally and organizes the migration of documents under retention, that are not needed for daily business anymore to an archive. We will help you to decide which information needs to be kept and what can be disposed of safely. Make the first steps towards more lightness and simplicity in your business and schedule a meeting to get to know our “ Marie Kondos of IT“.


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