E.ON IT GmbH: A Safe DMS Version Upgrade Thanks to migration-center


For the E.ON Netz GmbH as customer, E.ON IT operates the »Digital Information and Archiving System« (DIAS), handling the archiving, editing, search and display of technical documentation. DIAS manages more than 700,000 documents inside 160,000 folders with over 2 million relations. 1,500 users access 30 different document formats such as TIFF, Excel, Word or AutoCAD, some of them quite complex, as f.e. the AutoCAD constructs of many interconnected files.

The project was motivated by the desire of DIAS users to work with an improved and modernised version of this historically grown application. Three challenges presented themselves in this undertaking.




Technology / Services

»The delta migration proved to be the right approach, and the migration-center the right tool […]. We managed to import all documents without loss or corruption of data. Also the required extensions of the DIAS application were implemented by the fme team with speed and flexibility.«
Udo Runiello, project leader at E.ON IT

Case Study | E.ON IT GmbH: A Safe DMS Version Upgrade Thanks to migration-center


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