Automotive Industry: Introduction of a DMS for Research and Development


Within the Research and Development division of the Group, one department is dedicated to technology scouting, whereby various sources are examined and evaluated for future trends based on basic research. This information is collected by a central division and prepared accordingly and made available to experts on Group Research for other activities, e.g. deriving strategies.

This information is currently filed from various sources (newspapers, Internet, News Tickers, studies, etc.) locally as pdf documents in the file system or on a central file server. It is then made available to the relevant employees as a link or as an e-mail attachment. With this type of forwarding and access to documents, only restricted options are available for the secure filing, distribution and provision of confidential information. Furthermore, the growing quantity of information is only manageable to a limited extent via the existing search options. Group Research was looking for a way to transfer its documents to a DMS efficiently and to manage them there in the future.


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»The efficient preparation and creation of a migration plan by fme has been carried out superbly. Using the migration-center, we were able to migrate all the documents in the file system into the DMS. We were also able to work on the attribute model developed, and, using the migration-center, just under 4,000 documents were automatically migrated.«

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Case Study | Automotive Industry: Introduction of a DMS for Research and Development


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